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[FAR Health Programs]: FAR Celebrates Seven Years of Cooperation with AAHPO, and the Improvement of Healthcare in Artsakh image

Over 200 doctors from Artsakh trained in the latest medical approaches. More than 20 trainings on various healthcare issues held in Stepanakert. Dozens of items of vital medical equipment sent to Artsakh’s medical institutions. These are the quantitative results of the seven-year collaboration between FAR and the Armenian-American Healthcare Professionals Organization (AAHPO) on the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).

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[FAR Health Programs]: More Doctors are Trained Thanks to Local Seminars standard

Modern trends in obstetrics and gynecology were the topics of two days of seminars that FAR recently organized in Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR). Lecturers Dr. Hripsime Apresyan from the Nork Infectious Diseases Center, and Dr. Rusadan Vardanyan from the Shengavit Medical Center, spent two full days with doctors based in primarily in Karabagh’s capital Stepanakert in addition to other regions. In cooperation with the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) FAR has implemented the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) for Nagorno Karabakh doctors since 2011. The two-day seminars are planned for once a year. And they greatly expand the reach of CME. While only three to five doctors from Karabakh spend a month training in Yerevan’s clinics the seminars reach ...

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[FAR Yerevan]: AAHPO Members Complete First Medical Mission in Armenia. standard

After their visit to hospitals and medical clinics around Armenia, AAHPO physicians saw firsthand what a profound impact investment in continuing medical education can really have. Via Massis Post While participants in the medical mission saw the limited resources in the hospitals in Yerevan, they saw even more of a disparity in the rural villages. Two other Armenian humanitarian organizations, including the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), worked with AAHPO to allow them access into hospitals and clinics in the rural villages. Please continue reading here. Credit: Massis Post

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: FAR and AAHPO CME Program Restarts the Work. standard

After a vacation during August, FAR restarted the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).  Eight physicians will be trained at leading hospitals in Yerevan during the next four weeks. On September 5, FAR hosted an orientation for the new participants. Currently, FAR has accepted 285 CME fellows and 28 participants for the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization-Continuing Medical Education Partnership (AAHPO-CME), which enables physicians from Karabagh and Javakhk to receive additional training.  Hambardzum Simonyan meets with this month’s Continuing Medical Education Program participants. Credit: Levon Lachikyan

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[CME]: AAHPO Visit Strengthens Partnership. standard

After solidifying a partnership with members of the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) this spring, representatives of the U.S.-based organization visited Yerevan to work on some smaller projects with FAR staff. AAHPO members had a chance to meet with June and July’s CME participants to hear their feedback on the program. Later, they had the chance to visit Armavir Marz, where the team helped to set up a medical mission at a rural clinic that had been reconstructed and fully equipped by the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF). AAHPO members also visited and volunteered at different hospitals and medical clinics in Yerevan, including Kanaker-Zeytun, Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) N2 Hospital, the Republican Eye Center, St. Grigor Lusavouritch Medical ...

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: A Partnership Off to a Successful Start. standard

Over the past 20 years, FAR has cooperated with various organizations, ultimately multiplying its efforts and improving the quality of its work. One of the most recent and successful partnerships is with the U.S.-based Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO), which began in March. AAHPO has partnered specifically with FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) to enable physicians from Javakhk and Karabagh to receive additional training. Recently, members of the AAHPO delegation visited Yerevan to participate in the Third Annual International Medical Congress of Armenia.  AAHPO President Lawrence V. Najarian, M.D., along with delegation members Raffi Hovannessian, Garbis Baydar, Caroline Badam, Eliz Agopian, Alicia Demirjian and Tsoline Kojaoghlanian were hosted by FAR’s Yerevan office on July 4th. Deputy Director Margarit ...

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: AAHPO Looks to Expand Its Reach in Javakhk. standard

FAR Health Programs Coordinator Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan and Director of FAR’s Regional Physician’s Training Program Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan recently traveled to Javakhk to explore the potential for future AAHPO-CME Program partnerships with two of the area’s main hospitals. Javakhk’s primary medical centers, Akhalkalak Hospital and Ninotsminda Hospital, serve more than 60,000 people. In 2010, the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) and FAR jointly implemented a new CME program for Javakhk and Nagorno-Karabagh physicians. Since it began, three physicians from Akhalkalak Hospital have been trained at leading hospitals in Yerevan. AAHPO and FAR aim to strengthen that impact. This was the doctors’ first visit to Javakhk, during which they met with the new director of Akhalkalak Hospital Dr. Alexandr Yenokyan ...

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