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[FAR Children’s Center]: Center Staff Aim to Set Simon on a New Path. standard

By Casey Kantarian Simon Mashkaryan, 17, is the eldest of two children. Growing up in Yerevan, he never engaged in street violence or ran into conflict with the police. That changed six months ago when Simon became involved in a gang and later fought with its leader, stabbing the 21 year old in the stomach. It is situations like this that call the FAR Children’s Center Juvenile Justice Program to action. Currently, Simon is waiting to receive a sentence for his crime. He has also been referred to the Daycare Service at the FAR Children’s Center, where center specialists have begun to provide assistance to Simon through conflict resolution, psychological therapy, and social and legal support. For example, the Juvenile ...

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[FAR Children’s Center]: Center Helps Young Boy to Cope with Family Problems and Attend School. standard

By Casey Kantarian Alex Bayroyan and his sister Kristine were brought to the FAR Children’s Center this past summer after running away from home. Originally from Georgia, the children and their mother moved to a suburb of Yerevan many years ago. Without the proper required papers like their birth certificates and passports, however, Alex, 14, and Kristine, 16, have been unable to attend school. With no one to reach out to for help, their mother ignored the problem and plunged further into alcoholism. With their education put on hold and their home life unstable, the children tried to seek help from their aunt who took them in for a brief time. Once she realized that the children could not go ...

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[CASP]: Another Great Summer at CASP’s Camp. standard

Before we even entered Lucy Camp, we could hear the joyful shouts of children from afar. Groups had already been formed and everyone was preparing for the “Flower Holiday,” the one day each summer when camp children compete in order to give the best presentation on their favorite flower through songs, poems, and folktales. Once we arrived, we started to talk to the children, who shared their impressions of the contest with great excitement. It is the efforts of the Women’s Guild of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) that make it possible for CASP beneficiaries to spend their summer playing, learning and making new friends at the scenic and peaceful Lucy Camp in Yeghegnadzor. This year, ...

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