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[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholar Turns Love of Electronics and Technology into a Worthwhile Career image

Since early childhood, Satenik Meloyan, 24, has tried to explore the world of technology and electronics with the hope of creating something worthy and innovative in the future. “At the age of four, I had a penchant for poking my nose where it didn’t belong at all. Once, I took the back off of our TV to see what was inside. Next, I opened up the power plug, then the extension cord, and so on,” recalled Satenik.

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[FAR Scholarships]: In Pursuit of her Passion One Scholarship Student Finds her Niche image

Lusine Hakobyan, 25, is someone who goes after her dreams despite what others might try and plan for her. When she was about to finish school in her hometown of Ashtarak City in Aragatsotn Province, her family, and her father in particular, tried to convince her to study philology. It took Lusine quite awhile to convince her family that journalism was the only thing she could see herself pursuing.

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