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[FAR Scholarships]: For One Scholarship Student, FAR Teaches the Art of Gratitude image

“FAR taught me to be grateful to my benefactors, those who helped me to pursue my education. It’s the most important thing. FAR taught me the art of saying ‘Thank you.’ And through my Thank You letters, I truly tell my benefactors about my life, my studies, and my achievements," said Naira Sardaryan, 24, one of our most energetic and ambitious scholarship students.

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[FAR Scholarships]: One Gulamerian Scholar Finds Inspiration in Social Work image

Twenty-year-old Gohar Khachatryan is an ideal role model for others. Gohar started her bachelor’s degree last year in sociology from Yerevan State University (YSU). Recently she was chosen to spend the day as the school’s vice-rector, an honor and additional attribution for her CV. "They chose me based on my academic grades, active involvement in university issues, and my application. Then I underwent an interview and was the lucky one selected," said Gohar who was also chosen last year to be the Sociology Faculty’s dean for a day.

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[Partnerships]: Benefactors Witness Improvements in Zangakatun Village image

We love it when our supporters personally witness a project’s implementation. It is one of the strongest components of our organization’s accountability. Recently, our generous donors Harry Toufayan and his wife Suzanne visited the village of Zangakatun in Armenia. The visit was a wonderful occasion to officially introduce to the Toufayans the newly renovated irrigation system that was made possible in part thanks to their generous support. Rehabilitation of the existing system and construction of a new pipeline to irrigate 417 hectares was also partially funded by the Orange Foundation’s One Village program.

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Selects the 2016 Antranik and Betty Berberian Scholarship Recipients image

The need for highly-qualified labor in the field of biotechnology has gradually increased in Armenia, thanks to new start-up companies that have opened their doors in the country over the past several years. As such, FAR donors Antranik and Betty Berberian have focused their support on those studying in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, informatics, and applied mathematics.

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