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[Child Protection]: Do You Have a Dream? standard

The FAR Children’s Center is the only institution in Armenia that performs crisis intervention and rehabilitation and provides children and their families access to a shelter, counseling, outreach services, healthcare, and legal assistance. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Center is open to all vulnerable children in Armenia and makes great efforts to make their lives brighter and safer.

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[Child Protection]: Improving Child Protection in Armenia standard

  FAR’s Children’s Center has been a strong advocate for children’s rights since its establishment – working to ensure a better life for Armenia’s children by formulating and developing a robust child protection system. The ceaseless efforts of the Center do not only bestow its young beneficiaries with access to a better life in Armenia. Resources are also channeled into preventive measures that address the roots of the social problems that affect countless vulnerable youth. Recently, the Center’s ideals have proved fruitful yet again, when the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) applied to them for a new cooperation. OSCE is particularly interested in the Center’s recent work in juvenile justice. From March 19 the Children’s Center, with ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Generous Donation Supports Healthcare in Armenia standard

For the past seven years, the FAR Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) has given Armenian doctors the opportunities they need to change the face of healthcare in the region. The program, which makes it possible for physicians from Armenia’s rural regions to spend one month in Yerevan and work with leading experts at top medical centers, has so far helped more than 450 doctors from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh. This powerful program was most recently supported by Dr. Gary Zamanigian from Chicago, Illinois, who made a generous contribution, which will allow FAR to help even more people in need. Thank you, from all of us at FAR. Read more here.

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[Science and Education]: Astronomy Quest standard

Who of us as a child did not dream of exploring space and studying the birth, life and death of stars and galaxies? Who didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut? Most likely, we all did. Since last November, schoolchildren of Armenia and Karabagh have had the opportunity to study these subjects through a cognitive series of lectures that astrophysicist Dr. Areg Mickaelian regularly organizes for them at their schools. The program is called the Armenian Astronomical Society School Lectures, which were developed and sponsored by Dr. Yervant Terzian, the founder of ANSEF. An ANSEF grantee himself, Dr. Mickaelian developed his idea of wanting to educate children into a simple but insightful course on astrophysics for the students of certain schools, ...

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