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[FAR Children’s Center]: Children’s Center Became a Temporary Home for Siblings Abandoned by Their Mother image

Once or twice a month, Arsen, 7, Nora, 6, Narek, 4, and Nane, 3, eagerly wait by the front doors of the FAR Children’s Center for their dad, Artak Mirzoyan. The most impatient one is little Nane who seems to push aside the curtain to watch the moment when daddy appears. When at last he arrives, the four of them rush to hug him tightly.

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[FAR Children’s Center]: Becoming a Family image

Twenty-year-old Artur Avagyan is a long-time member of the FAR Children’s Center “family.” A few months ago when he finished his tour and was released from the army, the first thing he did was return to the Center. "When I left the Children's Center, I was 18. That was an important moment for me. And it is reassuring for me to know that there are people who can back me up and who really care for me. So, when you realize you are not alone you want to fulfil your dreams, not only for yourself but for them as well. When there are people who wait for news from you and who rejoice in your achievements, you feel more obliged. I feel very proud that I managed to meet the expectations of the people who are important to me," said Artur.

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[CASP]: Beneficiary Profile – Gor and Mariam. standard

Mher Aghajanyan was a member of the Armenian Army when he was shot and wounded in the Karabagh War. “We were well informed about his illness,” said his 33-year-old widow Vardik Marutyan. “But unfortunately, he died very suddenly.” Mher’s mother passed away a year after her son’s death. Since Mher’s father had abandoned the family years ago and left for Yerevan, Vardik was left alone to take care of the couple’s two children Gor and Mariam. She eventually found work at a hair salon in Goris. Gor, who is Vardik’s eldest child, is now in the seventh grade. Due to an illness, doctors have wanted to operate and extract one of the child’s eyes since he was four. In spite ...

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