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[FAR Scholarships]: Tigran Tsughuryan – Meet the Youngest Entrepreneur from Arstvaberd image

At just 23 years of age, Tigran Tchughuryan became the youngest successful businessperson in Artsvaberd - his village located in the Tavush province of Armenia. Tigran was raised in a family of pedagogues with the belief that he would become a geography teacher, just like his two older brothers. However, his brothers one day popped the idea of entrepreneurship into his mind, and in 2010, Tigran applied to the Armenian State University of Economics, the Department of Microeconomics and Organization of Entrepreneurial Activities.

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Students Reach Vulnerable Children Through Dance standard

“One, two, three, four,” the children say in unison. “Five, six, seven, eight,” they continue in step before they join hands to form a circle. “This is how we teach the kids the Echmiadzin national dance,” said Nelli Zakaryan, one recent afternoon. It’s been three months since Nelli and Arpine Tanqamyan, both Mathevosian scholarship students, started coming to the FAR Children’s Center each week to voluntarily teach national dance to the kids at the Center. Both girls study finance at the Armenian State University of Economics thanks to the support they receive from the scholarship. While it may be difficult for Nelli and Arpine to converse with many of the children who come from difficult backgrounds they are able to ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Supporting Education, Supporting Young People for a Better Future standard

Levon Abovyan is from the modest village of Agarak in the forested and rolling Lori Region of Armenia. He has been accepted into the Gyumri branch of the State Engineering University of Armenia to study in the department of Information Technologies and has applied to FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program in the hopes of obtaining some financial support for his studies. Each summer, members of FAR’s Education Programs committee conduct visits to the homes of scholarship hopefuls to acquaint themselves with each candidate’s living conditions. FAR’s Yerevan office has received 47 applications for the Mathevosian Scholarship this year, three of which have come from the Lori region. Siranuysh Matosyan from Shanahin village, known for its ancient monastery, is another such scholarship ...

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[GTech]: Training Opportunities standard

Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GTech) has been actively organizing various training courses that significantly broaden the scope of educational opportunities for the students of secondary and higher education institutions in Gyumri, as well as average citizens. Back in May 2013, GTech, together with the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC)* created a presentation about AIESEC’s projects. An AIESEC-er from Japan, Keisuke Koumura, who is a graduate of Kyoto University Local Committee and a vice president of Talent Management at AIESEC, spent three days at GTech. One of the aims of the visit was to integrate GTech students in AIESEC’s activities, since, among other things, the latter provides international internship and volunteering opportunities in the IT sphere. ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Developing Professionals standard

Ani Kalashyan, Mathevosian scholarship recipient, and 1st year masters student at the Armenian State University of Economics, recently gave an interview to Aravot.am about the brain-drain in Armenia, examining relevant statistics through the eyes of an economist. Analyzing brain-drain and its socio-economic causes, Ani proposed a way to halt the process by founding a high-ranking international university in Armenia that can become a locus of scientific capability development. Click here to read the full article in Armenian. Seeing the development of thankful young professionals supported by FAR during the most crucial years of building their career is yet another sweet surprise for the FAR team.

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[FAR Scholarships]: Scholarship Students Contribute to Positive Social Change Through Extracurricular Activities. standard

By Veronika Mkrtchyan FAR’s longtime partnership with the Luys Foundation, an organization that aims to involve Armenia’s youth in positive cultural, social and institutional change, has impacted the lives of many of its scholarship students. Most recently, several of FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program recipients have been involved in community service trainings with the Luys Foundation. Anahit Grigoryan, a graduate student at the Armenian State University of Economics, recently completed a three-month internship, during which she became involved with the administrative and organizational activities of the Luys Foundation by taking part in various meetings and networking with new contacts. FAR scholarship recipient Janna Haroutunyan, a fourth year student at the International Relations Department of Yerevan State University, last July took part ...

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