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[Armenian Life]: Flashmobs in Armenia – New Culture with Youth in Action. standard

An unpredictable, sudden, and surprising movement of people who assemble in public suddenly and perform an action in silent agreement for a brief time before dispersing. Perhaps many of you guessed the above description, which refers to something known as the “Flashmob.” The term Flashmob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. In Armenian, the term Flashmob is translated as a combination of two words: flash “kaitsak” and mob “ambokh.” For me, a Flashmob is a very refreshing, enthusiastic event inspired by childhood spirit. As Friedrich Nietzsche stated, “In the true man there is a child concealed — who wants to play.” For instance, Worldwide Pillow Fight Day (or International Pillow Fight Day) ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Medical Residents To Be Selected Later This Month. standard

Students graduating from Yerevan State Medical University convened in the university’s main conference hall last week to learn about how to complete their clinical residencies. FAR used this opportunity to share information about the Mathevosian Scholarship Program, which specifically supports students who are pursuing their studies at Yerevan State University. All YSMU medical students were encouraged to apply. Applicants will be selected at the end of July. Credit: FAR Staff

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[Armenian Life]: Yerevan Hosts This Year’s Delphian Games. standard

From June 26 until July 2, Armenia will be hosting the 6th Youth Delphian Games. Much like the Olympic Games, the Greeks organized the Delphian Games every four years and held them near the Temple of Apollo of Delphi. The games date back to 582 B.C. but were eventually forgotten; Greece revived the tradition about 30 years ago. Then in 2000, 1st World Delphian Games were organized and 27 countries participated. Since 2002, the games have been held exclusively in former Soviet nations now members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The purpose of the organizing the Delphian Games is to maintain and develop the cultural heritage of world nations, as well as to promote cultural communication. Armenia now proudly ...

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