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[Child Protection]: Daycare Service Aims to Provide Early Intervention for At-Risk Children standard

FAR Children’s Center successfully launched its Daycare Service project last year, which has already reached 43 at-risk children from six schools in Yerevan’s Zeytun District. This service is designed to provide children with after school psychological support two or three times a week for early intervention and risk prevention. Children come to the Center at the recommendation of school officials. The risk of school drop out, the tendency of being isolated with few or no friends, bullying, conflict with the law and/or teachers, and even risk of suicide are the problems facing the children currently seeking help through the project. The children visit the Center two or three times per week to receive therapy and other assistance. The project focuses ...

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[FAR Children’s Center]: Curing Through Art standard

Hripsime Papanyan, an art therapist at the FAR Children’s Center works with children every day. With the help of her colleagues, she has served nearly 1,000 vulnerable children yearly who are in need of rehabilitation services. Passionate about both her job and her mission, Papanyan spends six days a week working with children ages 4 to 16. For her, art therapy is both a profession and a form of art in and of itself. What Papanyan likes most is seeing how children’s moods change as they are exposed to art. “For instance, when the children work with play-dough I know they are practicing their motor skills but I can also feel that their anger and anxiety are leaving them; they ...

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