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[BCPP]: Three Years In, Farmers Cooperative Shows Positive Effect on Village Life image

Three years ago in 2015, Andranik Dumanyan happily drove six hours roundtrip to pick up the new wheel tractor that would benefit his village of Artsvaberd in Tavush Province. The tractor, with its attachments suited for plowing, chopping, collecting, seeding, etc., was designed to ease work in the fields. It was the first major purchase of the then newly-established Artsvaberd Agricultural Cooperative. The 46-year-old mechanic, who harvests grass for livestock feed, is able to produce significantly more with the new tractor. Previously, he did all the harvesting manually.

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[Healthcare; BCPP]: Course in Disaster Medicine Helps Doctors in Armenia’s At-Risk Border Region image

For those who inhabit the region of Berd, which sits along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, the everyday risk of injury is very real. Here, the ongoing conflict with Azerbajian is palpable, with cross-border gunfire a somewhat normal occurrence. As a result, it’s imperative that local physicians be able to provide the appropriate care.

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[BCPP]: Berd Extracurricular Groups Reveal Young Talents image

As thousands of Armenian children packed their bags for summer getaways, our hobby group students find inspiration back at school. With sparkling eyes and beaming smiles, they hurry to class to paint, to learn Armenian folk music and to prepare songs and dances for performances. They especially love exploring topics such as the motherland, religion, sightseeing, favorite cartoons, and animals.

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[BCPP]: Thirst No More image

Just a few months ago a significant portion of villagers in Choratan didn’t have decent and reliable access to safe drinking water. Residents of this small town, which is nestled in the Berd Region of Tavush Province, had to walk several hundred meters to the nearest tap anytime they needed to collect water before carrying it back to their homes in buckets and cans. Villagers from Choratan finally decided to come together to solve the problem, and now the 50 out of its 150 resident families previously without their own water supply no longer have to leave their homes to get it. The team of villagers pinpointed a potable water source with potential capacity to serve the families in need ...

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