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[BCPP]: Course Encourages Young People’s Creativity and Self-Sufficiency Through Woodworking image

“Pomegranates, khachkars, statues, different bowls and jugs—each class we try to craft something new, something innovative. I try to be encouraging and tell my students the old saying that a man who knows how to work with his hands will never go hungry,’” said Sargis Ghevondyan, 24, who has been teaching woodworking in the rural border village of Chinchin for the last four years. The extracurricular course is made possible by FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program.

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[FAR Partnerships, BCPP; Ayo]: Meet Rebirth Armenia image

In August, the U.S.-based NGO Rebirth Armenia organized a fundraising campaign to support Ayo!’s recently completed Backpacks for Berd project. The history of the FAR-Rebirth Armenia partnership, however, goes back to 2015 when Rebirth’s mother-daughter team of Araxie and Anahit Cass first visited the Berd Region where FAR implements the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP).

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[BCPP]: Five More Schools Renovated in Tavush Province image

The children could hardly contain their excitement as their guests gathered in their kindergarten’s newly renovated kitchen. For more than 35 years, generations of children at the school had become comfortable with the kitchen’s musty walls and its damaged floor, windows, and doors. There had been no appropriate space to prepare daily meals, and no actual place where the children could sit and eat their food.

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[BCPP]: Developing Agriculture: Spring Update on BCPP’s Agro Support image

April 7th was a joyful day in Tavush Province’s Chinchin Village. The agro-cooperative made up of livestock farmers from the community, received a brand new Challenger Tractor. Acquiring this new village treasure was possible through joint funding from FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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[BCPP]: Fighting with the Stroke of a Brush image

Siramarg Aydinyan teaches the children of Aygepar and Movses villages in the Tavush Region both the beauty and the secrets of arts and crafts. “They should learn how beautiful the life around them is in their early years so they can learn how to carry on that beauty throughout their lives,” said Siramarg. “That would be their pathway out of poverty.” Ignoring the constant background sound of cross-border gunfire and shelling that plague these villages Siramarg, a teacher fully devoted to her work, makes every effort to reach the Armenia-Azerbaijan border to be with her students. She leads one of the extracurricular hobby groups that FAR organizes in Berd City and its surrounding villages through its Breaking the Cycle of ...

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[Ayo!]: Ayo! Successfully Funds its Protective Wall Campagin standard

Ayo! last week succeeded in raising all funds for its Protective Walls project. Through the support of so many who helped to donate or contribute to Ayo!’s selfie campaign, the team was able to raise enough to start building. Special thanks goes to FAR Board Chairman Randy Sapah-Gulian who helped to close the final gap. Ayo! will now move ahead on building the four three-meter-high walls around the school in Aygepar. Children will be able to safely use their playground during recess and will no longer live in fear of being struck by cross-border shooting. The future of the people in Aygepar will be brighter and safer. All of us wish to thank everyone who made a donation, shared our ...

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[CASP]: A Healthy and Happy Childhood standard

When FAR staff members arrived at Aygepar kindergarten, children were having their day-time nap. Our staff spoke to the staff of the kindergarten who warmly welcomed us and expressed their gratitude to all the benefactors and people who made possible the regular work of the kindergarten. The kindergarten is among the four kindergartens in the Tavush region that has been supported by FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) program for the past three years. The next visit in Aygepar was to a family who lives in a rented old building with shattered walls, broken windows, and decrepit stepladders – a house without even a bathroom. A young and beautiful woman came out and invited the us in. Her name ...

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[FAR Yerevan]: FAR Participates in International Conference on Social Reforms. standard

By Veronika Mkrtchyan FAR, in partnership with Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and several other local and international NGOs, recently helped to carry out an international conference entitled “Social Work in the Context of Current Social Reforms: Reality and Perspective,” which was recently held in Yerevan. Prime Minister Tigran Sarsgsyan delivered an opening speech emphasizing the importance of social reforms and the perspectives of social services. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artur Grigoryan, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Rory Truell, President of the IFSW European Region Nicolai Paulsen, and representatives of international and several local NGOs were also present. FAR also held an exhibit on its educational, child protection and social services projects, ...

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