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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: Javakhk Physician Hopes to Apply New Knowledge To Her Practice. standard

FAR’s healthcare programs have grown in 2011. Every month, physicians from Javakhk and Nagorno-Karabagh can visit Yerevan to participate in the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), an opportunity made possible through a partnership with the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization. Lilit Ananikyan from Javakhk was one of the doctors who joined the program in May. She was born in 1977 in Satia, which is in the Ninotsminda region of Georgia. After graduation from secondary school, she was admitted to the Yerevan Institute of Traditional Medicine, where she went to medical school. Upon her return to the native town, Lilit worked at the greatly understaffed and under resourced Ninotsminda Emergency Center. The center uses two old cars as ambulances and they ...

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