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[FAR Children’s Center]: Children’s Center Became a Temporary Home for Siblings Abandoned by Their Mother image

Once or twice a month, Arsen, 7, Nora, 6, Narek, 4, and Nane, 3, eagerly wait by the front doors of the FAR Children’s Center for their dad, Artak Mirzoyan. The most impatient one is little Nane who seems to push aside the curtain to watch the moment when daddy appears. When at last he arrives, the four of them rush to hug him tightly.

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[Armenian Life]: On Way to Find Chaotic Harmony. standard

Recently, painter Svetlana Hakobyan opened a fine art exhibition at the Artists Union of Armenia in Yerevan. Gerdastan, or “family,” is Svetlana’s seventh exhibition. A poet by background, Svetlana started painting in 2002. In 2003 she opened her first personal exhibition in Armenia and later exhibited her work in Paris, London and Brussels. The exhibition walls were filled with oil paintings of the artist’s preferred colors – deep reds, brilliant oranges and yellows, and intense greens. Titles like “Universe in Bloom,” “Cosmic night,” “Chaotic Harmony” and “Road to Eternity” give a picture of Svetlana’s inner world. For her, the universe is the first extension of the human soul, through which the richness of an ethnic group and nations are built. ...

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