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[VOAH]: The Power of a Charity Network standard

On the outskirts of Vanadzor, buried in the greens of recreation zones and far from the reach of urban dust and noise, there is a white building that looks like an ordinary pension house from the first glance. It is the Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) – a unique place for the elderly people living in the area. By a small altar, a cozy place of worship built just three months ago in the vicinity of the Old Age Home, one can often find VOAH residents lighting candles and praying to God. VOAH was established by FAR in 1993 with the exclusive assistance and under the patronage of the eminent French-Armenian singer and benefactor Charles Aznavour. It has been operating ...

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[Armenian Life]: A Woman of Many Talents. standard

I was familiar with Florence Avakian’s name from Armenia’s Azg daily, and from different international newspapers and journals. It was only recently, however, that I had the chance to meet and personally get to know her when she visited Armenia with FAR. It was Florence’s eighth trip to Armenia, and she was here to report on the Toufayan family’s visit to projects they’ve supported in Zangakatun and in Etchmiadzin. Florence was interested in everything about Armenian life – its positive and negative sides, the living conditions of people, etc. Born in New York, Florence speaks brilliant Armenian. “My mother was to blame for it,” she said with a joking smile. “She always made me and my sister speak Armenian at ...

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[FAR New York]: Aznavour Toujours – Charles Aznavour Presents his 57th Album in Moscow. standard

“I have never had out-of-date arrangements. I cannot say they are changing – I have worked this way for all my life. But I define my style as classic – it has nothing in common with any specific period. And a person of my age can hardly be expected to behave like a modern performer on stage. I am what I am. Aznavour is always Aznavour.” – Charles Aznavour Via Tert.am The renowned singer Charles Aznavour gave a concert at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Dec. 12. The 87-year-old maestro has released his 57th album, Aznavbour Forever (Aznavour Toujours). Below is the renowned singers’ interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper). Please continue reading here. Credit: Tert.am

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[FAR Yerevan]: Rodin’s Sculpture Unveiled in Yerevan. standard

A statue of Rodin is unveiled and Charles Aznavour’s House Museum opens in Yerevan. Via Tert.am Before the opening of the statue, the two presidents delivered welcoming remarks. In his speech Sarkozy once again stressed the importance of characterizing 1915 events as genocide, pronouncing the Armenian equivalent of the term – tseghaspanutyun. Please continue reading here. Credit: Tert.am

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[FAR Yerevan]: Charles Aznavour – If it’s not Genocide, Annihilation of a Nation, Then What is it? standard

Charles Aznavour continues to push Turkey for genocide recognition. Via Panorama.am “So this is what I say – before using the term Genocide, how do you call it – massacre, massacre of Armenians? If you don’t want to use the term Genocide, accept it is a massacre. I think we’ll have a long road passed if we achieve it,” said Charles Aznavour. According to him having stopped on the term of Genocide Armenia won’t move on. Please continue reading here. Credit: Panorma.am

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[FAR Yerevan]: Charles Aznavour Gears up for World Tour. standard

“So I am going to sing a song that I recorded with a duduk but that I have never been able to play on stage. I’m like every other artist, I like doing things that nobody else does: performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, at the Kremlin, St Mark’s Square in Venice… I get a real kick out of that.” – Charles Aznavour Via Tert.am Aznavour’s stint in the capital is a return to the stage that launched his career 55 years ago, AFP reported. Close to 1,000 songs and some 60 films later, there is – once again – speculation that he may choose the moment to announce his retirement. Please continue reading here. Credit: Tert.am

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[FAR Yerevan]: An International Legend. standard

Another great look into the career of Charles Aznavour. Yerevan magazine recently published an interview with Aznavour. Florence Avakian was able to interview Aznavour following FAR’s tribute gala in his honor, which was held at Cipriani Wall Street in May. Via Yerevan Magazine Organized by the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), the lavish banquet was also in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Armenian Republic’s independence. Proceeds from the evening were marked for the Vanadzor Old Age Home, created by Aznavour and his long-time manager Levon Sayan, Aznavour Pour L’Arménie, right after the disastrous 1988 earthquake. For the past decade, the Home’s operations have been shepherded by FAR, with generous contributions by the Kevork and Sirvart Karamanuk Foundation. Please ...

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