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[FAR Health Programs]: Child Poverty Reduction Program Betters Quality of Life for Two Young Men image

Fifteen-year-old Hamlet Kumrikyan is a quiet yet happy young boy, but he has struggled with physical disabilities since childhood. When he would walk he would limp, sparking ridicule from the others at school. He would fall when he tried to run with his schoolmates due to his foot problem as he tried desperately to keep up. The bones in his foot are malformed and while he had dealt with the issue since birth, it never got any easier for him. And his mother could never afford a medical exam, thus the possibility of corrective surgery was always out of the question. A single mother, Lyudmila Kumrikyan, 57, has never been able to secure a job or steady income in the small village of Noramarg where the two live.

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[Child Protection]: Essential Support Enables a Boy to Walk Again image

Karine Sedikyan no longer worries about not having enough money since she started her work as a professional manicurist and established her own client base, which enables her to find some relief from the hardships faced by her large family. Three years ago, they became one of the beneficiaries of FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, which is implemented in Ararat Province by the FAR Children’s Center. As a program that provides families with access to individually-tailored sustainable living plans, Child Poverty Reduction is aimed to help families move up from the lowest rungs of poverty. As such, one of the objectives for the family was to help Karine develop a professional trade. Once she underwent her nail technician training and ...

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[FAR Economic Programs]: The Kind of Help That Strengthens a Family standard

The Poghosyan family starts life very early in the morning. During the summer Andranik, 44, usually arrives at the market at 3am to sell vegetables from the family`s garden. “Today I was selling onions. It was okay. Selling vegetables is more to help with everyday expenses; our main income comes from animals,” said Andranik, who lives with his family in Marmarashen Village in Ararat Province. The Poghosyans are beneficiaries of FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, through which they receive aid that helps to stabilize their finances. “When we were allocated some money by the program we decided that it would be better to buy more animals. So we did. Now, we have two piglets and 60 chicks. They will really ...

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