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[CASP]: A Talented Young Lady Receives CASP Support image

Fifteen-year-old Anna Gabrielyan dreams of becoming a pianist. She has been taking piano lessons for the last three years in order to be able to play as well as her mother, Geghecik and her brother Rafik. Anna also sings beautifully. She has participated in numerous song festivals, most recently in November. She is able to perform songs of different genres but Armenian folk is her favorite. She also loves to dance and paint.

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[CASP]: CASP Support Helps One Woman to Raise Her Grandchildren image

Flora Yesayan is 68 years old. She is the sole caretaker of her three grandchildren, 11-year-old Narek, 17-year-old Nune, and 20-year-old Zina. Flora can't tell the story of her family without tears that she tries to hide from young Narek. Her son died in a car crash five years ago. They then lost the children’s mother to cancer a year and a half ago. Now, the family tries to make the best of it where they live in the tiny village of Tavush, in the Berd Region.

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[FAR CASP]: Program that Helps Children in Most Need standard

Carefully written letters by children – addressed to those who have played a role in the realization of even one of their dreams. “Thank you”s to these supporters from widowed mothers who are grateful for alleviating their struggles at least a little bit. FAR Armenia staff needs to convey all this gratitude to donors following each visit they make to Armenia’s regions for Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) distribution meetings. The 2014 fall destination was the Syunik province of Armenia. Distribution was held in Goris’s Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church, Kapan’s Saint Mesrop Mashtots Church with the help of the regional Family, women’sand children’s rights protection unit staff Anna Voskanyan and Ruzanna Alaverdyan, in Kajaran’s Saint Mariam Astvatsatsin Church with ...

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[CASP]: Supporting The Dream of a Future Artist standard

10-year-old Erik loves to draw and dreams of becoming a painter. He lives in the Chinchin village of the Berd region with his mother and brother who is disabled. Erik’s father passed away two years ago in a car accident and Erik is now his mom’s and brother’s sole helper. He brings the cows home from pasture, helps his mom work their small land, cuts wood and brings it home, fetches water, and still manages to study hard, play in the field with his friends, and most importantly – to him, draw. Erik’s mother, 45 -year-old Nvard Arakelyan, has been feeling lost since she was widowed. Her husband’s relatives don’t live in Chinchin or the nearby villages, so she is ...

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[CASP]: A Healthy and Happy Childhood standard

When FAR staff members arrived at Aygepar kindergarten, children were having their day-time nap. Our staff spoke to the staff of the kindergarten who warmly welcomed us and expressed their gratitude to all the benefactors and people who made possible the regular work of the kindergarten. The kindergarten is among the four kindergartens in the Tavush region that has been supported by FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) program for the past three years. The next visit in Aygepar was to a family who lives in a rented old building with shattered walls, broken windows, and decrepit stepladders – a house without even a bathroom. A young and beautiful woman came out and invited the us in. Her name ...

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