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[FAR Yerevan, Ayo!]: Join Us to Raise Funds for Chocolate Bank … and More image

Ayo! has launched its Chocolate Bank Project for 2018! Since 2014, each Christmas FAR has implemented its Chocolate Bank Project in different regions of Armenia to brighten the holiday for children and their families in need. Last year, Ayo! joined this amazing initiative, which collects and then delivers chocolates and other Christmas sweets to children who live in poverty. And it is happening again!

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[FAR New York]: Living in Armenia – The Battle of Poverty and Prosperity. standard

This is a great testament to the existing economic disparity in Armenia. Read! By Maria Titizian via Asbarez.com I have had to bear witness to poverty in my homeland more times than I care to remember. I have felt the bitter cold of winter on my back each time I have gone to the village of Vedi for Christmas to visit distant relatives who live there. The same occurred again this year when I made my annual trek to see this family of six who live in conditions that should bring shame on all of us. Please continue reading here. Etchmiadzin, Armenia, 2009 © Sara Anjargolian via Asbarez.com

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[FAR New York]: The Roots of Christmas. standard

Was Christmas originally Pagan? Maybe not. Check it out. Via The Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America A reliable feature of recent Christmas seasons is the chorus of voices in our newspapers, magazines, and television programs, “assuring” us that the roots of Christmas lie in pagan celebratory practices. But is that really the case? In an article titled “How December 25 Became Christmas” (published in “Biblical Archaeology Review,” and available online here), a scholar of the early Christian movement questions this conventional wisdom of the secular world. Simultaneously, he offers an alternative explanation rooted in the authentic Christian spirituality of the 2nd through 4th centuries A.D. Armenian Christian readers will take a special interest in the writer’s knowledgeable ...

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