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[FAR Scholarships]: One Gulamerian Scholar Finds Inspiration in Social Work image

Twenty-year-old Gohar Khachatryan is an ideal role model for others. Gohar started her bachelor’s degree last year in sociology from Yerevan State University (YSU). Recently she was chosen to spend the day as the school’s vice-rector, an honor and additional attribution for her CV. "They chose me based on my academic grades, active involvement in university issues, and my application. Then I underwent an interview and was the lucky one selected," said Gohar who was also chosen last year to be the Sociology Faculty’s dean for a day.

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[VOAH]: VOAH Residents Baptized image

April 25 was a special day at FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), when 15 of its residents were baptized. Some of VOAH’s residents had previously expressed their desire to be baptized to Father Abraham of Saint Grigor Narekatsi Church of Gugarats Diocese during one of his recent visits to the home. Thanks to the efforts of the Diocese and VOAH, their holy day finally came.

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[FAR VOAH]: A Kind Man Finds Peace at Vanadzor Old Age Home standard

Karo Poghosyan, 64, is a single man who never married, and a fine example of human kindness and optimism. He lived with his parents in Kapan until moving to Yerevan following his mother’s death in 2009. Karo has come to the aid of his siblings and their families throughout the years. At one point, he sold his apartment to help his sister’s family with their financial troubles. Life in Yerevan was not easy for Karo. After selling his apartment, the only thing he could afford to rent was a small, humid room. He sold icons in Yerevan to get by but the money wasn’t enough for him to purchase enough food or heat his apartment during the winter. Gradually, his ...

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