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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Soup Kitchen Provides Huge Support to Family in Kotayq Province image

Nune Barkhyan and her three children, Levon, 18, Taguhi, 14, and Vardanush, 6, have been going to FAR's Byureghavan Soup Kitchen in Kotayq Province for the past 10 months. Like all of those who attend the kitchens, the family is no stranger to hardship. It is difficult to overcome poverty in Armenian communities like Byureghavan where industrial factories stopped operating after the fall of the Soviet Union, leaving the majority of the population out of work.

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[FAR New York]: From Jersey to Armenia. standard

The generosity of New Jersey resident and FAR donor John Thomas reached a church full of children in Armenia on Easter Sunday. Orphans, along with children who have lost at least one of their parents, gathered together for worship at the small church in the town of Berd, which is perched near the Azeri border. Among them was Alvina, whose father was killed by an Azeri sniper’s bullet just before she was born. Hers is a story similar to others in this region who lost their fathers during the military conflict with Azerbaijan during the 1990s and its subsequent skirmishes. The history of unrest keeps residents continually living in fear. Yet, for at least one day that fear subsided a ...

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