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[Healthcare]: Renovated Library to Stimulate New Medical Achievements in Armenia standard

The Republican Scientific Medical Library of the Armenian Ministry of Health has been supported by FAR since 1990. We still keep a close eye on it and recently took the responsibility to renovate its current library to welcome doctors and medical students into a better environment for further self-education. Over the past 20 years, FAR has provided RSML the best foreign health magazines and «Medline» biometrical database on CDs, along with computer and English classes. When in 2012 the library moved to a new building on Yerevan’s Roubinyants Street, its staff found it difficult to work in physically poor conditions and FAR gave its helping hand to the medical institution again. Renovation of the library started this year and will ...

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[FAR Social Programs]: Bringing Fun to the Children of Berd standard

June 1 – International Children’s Day – was a colorful and happy day for children from the town of Berd and surrounding villages. This year, the celebration was filled with a march for the protection of children’s rights, a children’s concert, and an exhibition. Among the participants in the exhibition were children who attended five different handicraft and drawing groups organized through FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program in Tavush. Petrosyan Aspram and Hovakimyan Vardush regularly attend the handicraft classes in Chinari village. With a palpable excitement, they talk about the skills they have already learned with the help of their teacher Mrs. Varsenik. “At first, I didn’t like the classes much, but then Mrs. Varsenik told us how useful ...

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[FAR New York]: Meet our Summer Intern! standard

Please welcome our summer intern Alisha Sharaballi! She will be working on social media with the FAR communications team and our crowdfunding platform and civic initiative Ayo! Alisha is a rising junior at Seton Hall University with a double major in Diplomacy & International Relations and Economics, and a minor in Russian. She is an international student with an ethnic background of Iranian, Indian, and Iraqi. In her spare time, Alisha coaches high school speech and debate, anchors at her university’s radio station, and attempts to understand the enigma that is the Russian language. Alisha loves watching late night re-runs of “Friends,” searching for new restaurants to visit, and re-reading the Harry Potter series. Alisha is looking forward to spending ...

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[CASP]: Supporting The Dream of a Future Artist standard

10-year-old Erik loves to draw and dreams of becoming a painter. He lives in the Chinchin village of the Berd region with his mother and brother who is disabled. Erik’s father passed away two years ago in a car accident and Erik is now his mom’s and brother’s sole helper. He brings the cows home from pasture, helps his mom work their small land, cuts wood and brings it home, fetches water, and still manages to study hard, play in the field with his friends, and most importantly – to him, draw. Erik’s mother, 45 -year-old Nvard Arakelyan, has been feeling lost since she was widowed. Her husband’s relatives don’t live in Chinchin or the nearby villages, so she is ...

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[FAR Economic Programs]: FAR Fights Poverty Alongside the People of Tavush standard

Meet FAR’s Berd Office team: the main officers of FAR’s one-year-old Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)*. Many team members are named after flowers and other natural elements. Astghik is the little star, Hasmik is Jasmine, Heghine – wicker, Zarine – dawn… and they are all led by Lusine – the moon – Grigoryan. “I will never leave my homeland. I cannot understand those who do,” Lusine says. She is always striving to make the absolute most of BCPP that is working to help the city of Berd and its surrounding villages in the Tavush region. The Berd team’s job is not an easy one. In addition to the many faces of poverty that they battle every day, including ...

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[Healthcare]: Heritage of Hope standard

For the last 10 years, FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program has been providing a unique opportunity for regional doctors to master innovative approaches, methods, and technologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan. The program was initiated by the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA), many of whom act as mentors to regional doctors. CME is the logical continuation of the alumni doctors’ training outside of Armenia, which was led by the honored Dr. Edgar Housepian – one of three leaders who created the Fund for Armenian Relief after the devastating earthquake of 1988. This short film tells the story of Dr. Housepian’s engagement with FAR and the establishment of professional development programs for Armenia’s doctors as a way to improve ...

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[Social Services]: New Soup Kitchens Honor Generosity of Two Distinguished Women standard

300 socially disadvantaged men and women from two of the poorest cities of Nor Hajn and Byureghavan in Armenia will receive care and support in two new soup kitchens in their cities. FAR has opened the two new kitchens to honor the memory of two distinguished Armenian women who had difficult lives but always shared what they had with less fortunate Armenians. One of them, Yeghsapet Jambazian-Mangoian, was born in Tersus, Turkey in 1893.  She was married at a very young age of 12. Her family perished in Derzor, but she was spared as her newly formed family moved to Cyprus. Her new life was very meager and very sparse, but Yeghsapet was always willing to share. She felt blessed ...

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