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[FAR Schools:] Friends of Gavar Special School Make Big Changes Happen image

One of the best parts of our work are the compassionate supporters whose dedication knows no bounds. They inspire us, day after day, year after year. In continuation of their years of previous support, the Friends of Gavar Special School of New York accomplished a great deal in 2016. They funded the renovations of the school’s roof, five new dorm rooms, and the kitchen and cafeteria for which they also purchased new equipment.

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[FAR Schools]: Students Enjoy Special Holiday Celebrations image

It’s one of FAR’s traditions to visit the Nubarashen Special School on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the holidays with its students. This is thanks to good friends of ours, Michael and Marie Haratunian and their family, who have provided support to the school for the past three years. The Nubarashen school, which is located in Yerevan, serves children of varying disabilities starting from age 6.

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[FAR Schools]: Runner with a Cause standard

A few months ago, seasoned runner Anahid Ugurlayan finished her most difficult race. As a marathoner with 10 years of experience Anahid is used to distance running. But this time, in addition to the usual challenges, she also found herself battling 40 mph winds as she pushed toward the finish line of the Edinburgh Marathon. “I did finish this marathon, but with my slowest time of 6:31 as I ran in very harsh conditions for the last 9.2 miles. Yet the scenery was amazing! I am very proud to have run for the Gavar Special School,” she said. What Anahid started as a personal challenge 10 years ago has become an exemplary pursuit of the sport. “I decided from the ...

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