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[FAR Scholarships]: How a FAR Scholarship Taught One Young Man to Persist and Persevere image

A few years ago, my friends and I met Mr. Nishanian and his wife, Anahit, at GSU. Through our warm and candid talk, I saw that he was a very industrious, business-oriented and persistent person—and a big patriot. His characteristics have guided my behavior throughout my adult life and I do my best to prove that I received the Jerar Nishanian Scholarship for a reason

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[FAR Scholarships]: Nishanian Benefactors Receive a Warm Welcome in Armenia standard

FAR staff, along with students and educational institutions supported by the Jerair Nishanian Foundation were very happy to meet the foundation’s benefactor Vazrik, who is Jerair’s nephew, and Vazrik’s wife Nooneh, in Armenia earlier this fall. The first stop for Vazrik and Nooneh was Gavar State University (GSU), where the 77 students supported by the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program, gathered in the university’s largest hall to welcome them. The Nishanians toured the university, met with faculty members, and even saw the university’s museum, which houses artifacts from the region. But the highlight was meeting with the scholarship students. GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan opened the meeting with a detailed introduction of Jerair Nishanian’s biography and life path, along with a film ...

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[Science and Education]: Jerar Nishanian Scholars Continue to Demonstrate Academic Excellence standard

Fifty-one Jerar Nishanian Scholarship recipients who have demonstrated academic excellence this school year were recently awarded with honorary certificates from the Jerar Nishanian Foundation. A recent meeting held at Gavar State University recognized their progress. In addition, 22 Jerar Nishanian scholars recently graduated from Gavar State University. The other 30 scholars will continue their studies as continuation of their scholarships has been confirmed for the 2013-2014 academic year. All students expressed their deep gratitude for the help and support they receive from the Jerar Nishanian Foundation.

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[FAR Scholarships]: A Warm Welcome at Gavar State University standard

According to locals, the days before the guests’ visit had been much colder, but interestingly enough, the afternoon of October 5 was blessed with a serene sky and a glowing autumn sun as the visitors walked into the main premises of the Gavar State University. Members of FAR’s Education Programs Coordination Council were accompanied into a large and bright hall where they were greeted by 49 students enrolled in the Jerar Nishanian Foundation (JNF) Scholarship Program. The Program covers beneficiaries’ tuition fees and provides them with monthly stipends for basic living costs, such as transportation and school materials. On behalf of the Nishanian family and FAR staff, FAR’s Science and Education Programs Manager Mr. Eduard Karapetyan congratulated the newly enrolled ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR to Select This Year’s Jerar Nishanian Scholarship Recipients standard

Members of FAR’s Educational Programs Coordination Council recently made home visits to this year’s applicants for the Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Program in Gegharkunik marz. There, they saw that nearly everyone was living in the same tough conditions, struggling to make ends meet. Yet, despite the fact that all of the applicants are in great need of financial support for their studies, this was the first time ever that most of them had applied for a scholarship. This year more than 50 students from Gavar State University, plus 16 other students from Gavar who study at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, submitted applications for the 2012-2013 Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship. The Council will select 29 students with the ...

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[FAR Schools]: Supporter Lynn Nakashian Meets with Beneficiaries at the Gavar Guest House. standard

By Mane Khachatryan Once again it was an honor to meet with FAR supporter Lynn Nakashian. Ms. Nakashian, who was in Armenia to volunteer with the Fuller Center for Housing, also took time to visit the Girls Apartment in Gavar, which is part of the Gavar Guest House, a facility that provides temporary housing to children transitioning out of Gavar Orphanage. The Girls Apartment was recently renovated due to the generous support of the Nakashian family. Currently, four individuals – Sveta Antonyan, 19, Sona Qocharyan, 18, Marianna Hakobyan, 18, and Aida Asirbabyan, 18 – peacefully and comfortably share the apartment. Ms. Nakashian and her friends, also volunteers at the Fuller Center, met with the girls and spent some time at ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Children From Gavar Orphanage Learn How They Can Advocate for Themselves. standard

By Eduard Karapetyan For more than a month, recipients of the Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Program have organized rights trainings for the children of Gavar orphanage. The goal of these trainings is to increase the children’s general knowledge about law and judicial issues pertaining to children, particularly for those without parental care. The Gavar students, who are all studying law, are able to relay the information through cartoons and other similarly digestible formats. For example, during one of the discussions on educational rights, children were informed about their access to education, including higher education. In addition, the children are introduced to FAR’s scholarship programs. The trainings were initially devised by Armine Aghoyan, a third-year law student at Gavar State University, ...

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