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[Healthcare]: FAR Friend Dr. John Bilezikian Supports Public Health in Armenia standard

In late May 2014, the Gyumri Medical Center finally had the opportunity to host Dr. John Bilezikian, world-renowned endocrinologist and specialist on osteoporosis from Columbia University. During his visit Dr. Bilezikian was interested to see how one of the six bone densitometer medical scanning devices – that he had donated to Armenia’s medical hospitals – is being used. Since 2006, the six densitometers have been donated to the Research Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection, «Muratsan» University Hospital, the Armenian American Wellness Center, Erebouni Medical Center, Stepanakert Medical Center and Gyumri Medical Center. Dr. Bilezikian not only reviewed the scanner which allows to diagnose bone density but also gave a short coaching on how to better use the medical device. Until recently, ...

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