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Charitable Trust for Vulnerable Children Established in Memory of Ralph Rafi Hovnanian standard

In 2009, UNICEF defined child poverty as “one of the most acute manifestations of human poverty”. In Armenia, it is one of the most critical problems facing a large portion of the younger generation, particularly in rural areas. Growing up in poverty can lead to malnourishment, it can hinder a child`s development, and it may typically lead to life-long problems. In the wake of UNICEF`s disturbing report, FAR launched the Ararat Child Poverty Reduction Program in 2013 to decrease Armenia`s child poverty rate. Its success has been made possible by FAR supporter Arpine Hovnanian of Evanston, Illinois. Through the provision of targeted assistance to children and their families who are at risk, the program links its beneficiaries with the services ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Generous Donation Supports Healthcare in Armenia standard

For the past seven years, the FAR Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) has given Armenian doctors the opportunities they need to change the face of healthcare in the region. The program, which makes it possible for physicians from Armenia’s rural regions to spend one month in Yerevan and work with leading experts at top medical centers, has so far helped more than 450 doctors from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh. This powerful program was most recently supported by Dr. Gary Zamanigian from Chicago, Illinois, who made a generous contribution, which will allow FAR to help even more people in need. Thank you, from all of us at FAR. Read more here.

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