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[CASP]: Stipends Making a Difference in the Lives of Vulnerable Children image

Since its inception in 2000, FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP)* has made a tremendous impact on the lives of orphans and children of children single-mothers. It thus promotes the eradication of child poverty in a number of regions in Armenia and Javakhk, Georgia. CASP sponsorship allows children to have access to life-changing benefits until they turn 18, like school supplies and other forms of educational support, everyday essentials like food, clothes, and extracurricular activities, and medical care.

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[CASP]: A Sliver of Hope image

Day by day and month by month, poverty has eroded the Ghazaryan family’s hope. Fifty-year-old Galya Ghazaryan had eight children, four boys and four girls, until her daughter Inga died a few years ago in a car accident at the age of 19, shortly after getting married. Inga’s two children now live in Russia with their father and rarely visit their grandmother. Galya’s husband Suren died in 2012 due to cardiovascular problems at the age of 53. And while her other daughter Anna, 25, is married and has three children of her own, she lives far from home. The other six children live with Galya in Armenia’s Syunik Province, where they share the one remaining room of her two-story house, ...

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[FAR VOAH]: A Kind Man Finds Peace at Vanadzor Old Age Home standard

Karo Poghosyan, 64, is a single man who never married, and a fine example of human kindness and optimism. He lived with his parents in Kapan until moving to Yerevan following his mother’s death in 2009. Karo has come to the aid of his siblings and their families throughout the years. At one point, he sold his apartment to help his sister’s family with their financial troubles. Life in Yerevan was not easy for Karo. After selling his apartment, the only thing he could afford to rent was a small, humid room. He sold icons in Yerevan to get by but the money wasn’t enough for him to purchase enough food or heat his apartment during the winter. Gradually, his ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Six Young Women Become the First Graduates of the Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program. standard

By Naira Hambardzumyan Recently, the six recipients of FAR’s Ester Ajemian Scholarship successfully defended their master’s theses. These six diligent students hail from various regions of Armenia and they are the first young Armenians to complete their degrees with the assistance of this scholarship, which aims to support aspiring female journalists. Betkhehem Arabyan, who comes from the Javakhk, is now working at the mitq.am news service. Manya Poghosyan from Masis is employed at Tatron.info news service. After graduating from Armenia State Pedagogical University, Satenik Asatryan has returned to the Syunik region to work at a radio station in Kapan. I am currently working at the Information and Public Relations Department of Armenia’s Ministry of Defense. In addition, I’m a correspondent ...

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[CASP]: Another Great Summer at CASP’s Camp. standard

Before we even entered Lucy Camp, we could hear the joyful shouts of children from afar. Groups had already been formed and everyone was preparing for the “Flower Holiday,” the one day each summer when camp children compete in order to give the best presentation on their favorite flower through songs, poems, and folktales. Once we arrived, we started to talk to the children, who shared their impressions of the contest with great excitement. It is the efforts of the Women’s Guild of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) that make it possible for CASP beneficiaries to spend their summer playing, learning and making new friends at the scenic and peaceful Lucy Camp in Yeghegnadzor. This year, ...

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[CASP]: Profile – The Martirosyans, Life in Kapan. standard

After getting married 15 years ago, Ramella Martirosyan and her husband moved to a very bright and comfortable apartment in the center of Kapan. Shortly afterwards, they sold it to invest money into a business. Ultimately, the business failed and the family was left homeless for a brief time. The next hardship followed shortly thereafter. While working, Ramella’s husband was electrocuted, leaving her to be the sole caretaker of the couple’s 9-year old daughter Anoush and 10-year old son Artyom. They had to move into a one-room apartment with Ramella’s mother Lyusia, who helps her take care of the kids. It is hard to comprehend how four people manage to live in such a narrow, tiny space. Here they must ...

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