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[VOAH]: ‘Autumn Sounds’ Visits Vanadzor Old Age Home. standard

By Gayane Gevorgyan Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) recently hosted the wonderful choir “Autumn Sounds.” Its singers are all members of the Old Yerevantsi Resident’s Association NGO, which is nearly seven years old. There are 30 members, most of whom are women. The group varies in age, and the participants also come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Yet, any differences between them do not prevent members from uniting through song and spreading their kindness all around. Autumn Sounds’ art director is engineering professor Karlen Babayan. In spite of the lack of any musical education, he has written many beautiful songs, some of which were performed for VOAH residents during their visit. Compositions by Khachatur Avetisyan, Barsegh Kanachyan, and ...

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[FAR New York]: Theater Review. Komitas – An Abstract. standard

Read how Armenia fared at the California International Theatre Festival. By Aram Kouyoumdjian via Asbarez.com The opening piece, “Komitas’ 10 Commandments,” held considerable promise – given its premise.  It was constructed around the 10 “commandments” that Komitas had devised for singers.  Komitas (born Soghomon Soghomonian) was a priest, but his iconic contribution to Armenian culture came in the realm of music; he collected and notated over 3,000 folk songs that had previously existed only in the oral tradition.  He survived the Genocide, but he witnessed its brutalities, and the traumatic experience wrecked his psyche, leaving him to spend his later years hospitalized in Paris until his death in 1935. Please continue reading here. The body as canvas in “Komitas’ 10 ...

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[Armenian Life]: Village Life in Armenia – Zangakatun’s Pride. standard

Two eyes relentlessly pursue you, Two eyes – two stamps that burn their brands into your life, Into the water that you drink, into your world Into your every drop of blood. Those lines belong to Paruyr Sevak’s poem Love. Sevak wrote not only wonderful romantic poems, but also poems with civil and intellectual themes. He is best remembered for his lyrical-philosophical poem Anlreli Zangakatun (Ever–Ringing Belfry), which is based on the life of the great Armenian composer Komitas. Sevak lived a short, but meaningful life. He was born in Zangakatun in 1924, and he studied at Yerevan State University and Moscow’s Institute of Literature. It is not by chance that after the poet’s death in a car accident in ...

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[FAR New York]: CITF and ADAA Host US Premiere From MIHR Theatre of Armenia. standard

The U.S. Premiere of Komitas’ 10 Commandments & Colors by MIHR Theatre from Armenia will premiere later this week in LA. Via Asbarez.com This performance is dedicated to the 140th birthday of Komitas Vardapet, the Armenian composer, priest, and musicologist who, by traveling extensively throughout his country recording folk songs and dances in various villages, made it his mission to preserve his culture through art.  Komitas reinterpreted and published over 3000 songs still played and studied to this day throughout Armenia. Considered the founder of modern Armenian classical music and ranked among the heroes and martyrs of his culture, Komitas lost his mind after witnessing the tragic 1915 Armenian Genocide. Komitas is based on his work “Ten Commandments Addressed to ...

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[FAR New York]: Zareh Tjeknavorian Delves into Mystical, Historical Armenia. standard

“For me, Armenia was unreal — a sort of secret society. During the Cold War, Armenia didn’t even exist on the map. Somebody would ask me about my name and I’d tell them. Then they would expand »ask about Armenia but I couldn’t show it to them on a map. I felt it was like a millennial cult existing in the midst of other people when I went to church gatherings or recitals or events. You’d be in London, Paris or some other part of the world, and then suddenly in a room you saw a painting of Ararat or a bust of Komitas.” – Zareh Shahan Tjeknavorian Via Armenian Mirror Spectacor Tjeknavorian’s aesthetic sensibilities are greatly influenced by his ...

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[FAR New York]: Rendahl – Survival? standard

“There are those in Armenia and across the Armenian World who have demonstrated excellence. You probably think I mean the likes of Paruyr Sevak and Komitas and Parajanov, but excellence isn’t just a thing of the past.” – Kristi Rendahl Via The Armenian Weekly Defeat isn’t always fast and furious. It can be slow and silent, a result of the little decisions we make each day. I believe that the words we use matter. Setting the bar at survival is like placing the limbo pole at eye level. It creates a sad story of low expectations and apathy. Even mediocrity would be better. Please continue reading here Centuries-old platan tree in Artsakh Credit: Kristi Rendahl via The Armenian Weekly

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[Armenian Life]: Listening to Armenia – Gyumri's Young Artists. standard

With grace and professionalism, several students at the FAR-sponsored Azad Shishian Octet Music School gave an afternoon recital welcoming the FAR Young Professionals Trip to Gyumri. Being one of the seven young professionals myself, I felt honored that teachers and students alike shared their talents and time with us. As I watched each performer come on stage, my eyes feasted upon a myriad of instruments, both classical (violins, pianos, and flutes, for example) and those traditional to Armenian heritage, like the duduk and kanoon. As I listened to each young musician, the sweet voices of the singers and the nimble fingers of the violinists kept me enraptured and eager to hear more. I, too, play the violin and couldn’t help ...

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