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[Armenian Life]: On Way to Find Chaotic Harmony. standard

Recently, painter Svetlana Hakobyan opened a fine art exhibition at the Artists Union of Armenia in Yerevan. Gerdastan, or “family,” is Svetlana’s seventh exhibition. A poet by background, Svetlana started painting in 2002. In 2003 she opened her first personal exhibition in Armenia and later exhibited her work in Paris, London and Brussels. The exhibition walls were filled with oil paintings of the artist’s preferred colors – deep reds, brilliant oranges and yellows, and intense greens. Titles like “Universe in Bloom,” “Cosmic night,” “Chaotic Harmony” and “Road to Eternity” give a picture of Svetlana’s inner world. For her, the universe is the first extension of the human soul, through which the richness of an ethnic group and nations are built. ...

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[Armenian Life]: A Woman of Many Talents. standard

I was familiar with Florence Avakian’s name from Armenia’s Azg daily, and from different international newspapers and journals. It was only recently, however, that I had the chance to meet and personally get to know her when she visited Armenia with FAR. It was Florence’s eighth trip to Armenia, and she was here to report on the Toufayan family’s visit to projects they’ve supported in Zangakatun and in Etchmiadzin. Florence was interested in everything about Armenian life – its positive and negative sides, the living conditions of people, etc. Born in New York, Florence speaks brilliant Armenian. “My mother was to blame for it,” she said with a joking smile. “She always made me and my sister speak Armenian at ...

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[FAR Schools]: Christmas at the Hintliyan School. standard

December 23rd was the last day of the academic semester for Armenia’s schools. Before leaving for the year on Christmas vacation, the teachers and students at the Hovhannes Hintliyan School in Tavush gave a performance based on the fairy tales of the famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan. They had worked very hard over the past couple of weeks with their teachers Lusine Hakobyan, Kristine Pashinyan and Vanuhi Gulinyan to plan the presentation. And their efforts certainly showed. The children all demonstrated impressive theatrical skills – singing and dancing and reciting poems with joy and delight for their parents. This educational institution is currently operating under the auspices of the Constantinople Armenian Relief Society (CARS), and in recent years it has ...

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[CASP]: Talented Siblings Receive Support. standard

Vardan Hovhannesyan was a feldsher  and Zarik was a nurse when the two met while working at Agarak’s military hospital in 1988. It wasn’t long before they married and had their first child, a girl whom they named Siranush. Two years later their son Sevak was born. He was barely one year old when his father died suddenly. After his death, Zarik moved her family to her father’s house in the outer districts of Agarak, which is a small town on the Iranian border. Today 10 people share this space – Zarik and her children, her parents, and her brother and his family. It is not easy for Zarik to earn sufficient money with which she can support her children; ...

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[Armenian Life] standard

“More than 3,000 families are still on the waiting list to receive new apartments. Many are dwelling in the same temporary metal shelters they moved into in 1988 — the ones that today cannot sufficiently protect them from the cold and humidity.” – Levon Lachikyan Gyumri’s shelters in 2011 Credit: Hripsime Papoyan

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[CASP]: Profile – Davit Tsatryan, Aspiring Agronomist. standard

Kajaran is a small town located near a huge copper and molybdenum plant, which first opened during the Soviet period. Today, it’s the source of employment for almost all residents of this town, including Sona Ishkhanyan. Born in 1973, Sona was 21 years old when she married Boris Tsatryan and moved to Tashtun, near Meghri in the Syunik region. Five years later they had their first child Davit, who they named after the Armenian national hero Davit of Sasun. Like the epic hero, Davit was a very handsome baby. He was only 28 days old when his father died from blood cancer and life for his family took an unexpected turn. Without her husband, it was very hard for Sona ...

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[Armenian Life]: CNN International. Qarahunj – Armenia’s Stone Henge. standard

“With a history stretching back farther than the pyramids, the stones of Karahunj near the town of Sisian in Southern Armenia, is considered by both Armenian and foreign archeologists alike to be one of the ancient astronomy centers of the world. For years, parallels have been drawn between Karahunj and England’s Stonehenge.” – Levon Lachikyan CNN International: Qarahunj – Armenia’s Stone Henge

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