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[Hayastani Kidak Society]: Young Professionals Visit Gyumri. standard

For the 16th year in a row, FAR’s Hayastani Kidak Society held its Young Professionals Trip to Armenia including, for the first time ever, a tour of western Armenia. Naturally that portion started from Gyumri, a city whose Kumayri Historic District is a replica of Kars. Construction began in 1829 when hundreds of families from western Armenia, including Kars, Erzerum, Bajazet and other places, migrated to Gyumri. Today, Kumayri is like an open-air museum with more than 1,000 18th and 19th century buildings. It is the only place in Armenia where one can truly see what an authentic historic Armenian city looked like. Nearly all the buildings in the Kumayri District have survived two major earthquakes – the first in ...

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[Armenian Life]: Levon Lachikyan’s Fifth Personal Exhibition. standard

Art Critic and FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan recently opened his fifth personal exhibition at the Espaces Youth Center* in Yerevan. The exhibition, which is entitled “Crossroads,” was compiled from Levon’s graphic works of various European cities, including Paris, Marseilles, Vienna, Venice and Prague, as well as many from various towns in Armenia like Gyumri, Goris and Meghri, among others. “My purpose is to show that beauty is a universal value, but its location is not important,” Levon said in his opening speech. In Levon’s works the buildings are not merely simple stone structures. They represent a creative environment, where the intellectual thoughts of man develop. The graphic works really convince the audience to love the cozy corners of Armenia ...

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[CASP]: Profile – The Martirosyans, Life in Kapan. standard

After getting married 15 years ago, Ramella Martirosyan and her husband moved to a very bright and comfortable apartment in the center of Kapan. Shortly afterwards, they sold it to invest money into a business. Ultimately, the business failed and the family was left homeless for a brief time. The next hardship followed shortly thereafter. While working, Ramella’s husband was electrocuted, leaving her to be the sole caretaker of the couple’s 9-year old daughter Anoush and 10-year old son Artyom. They had to move into a one-room apartment with Ramella’s mother Lyusia, who helps her take care of the kids. It is hard to comprehend how four people manage to live in such a narrow, tiny space. Here they must ...

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[FAR Schools]: Embroidery Classes A Hit At Hintliyan. standard

The Constantinople Armenian Relief Society (CARS) along with FAR has, for the past few years, helped to refurbish the Hintliyan School, which is just meters from the Armenian-Azeri border in the Tavush region. New classrooms have been added and the staff has grown. Among the new members is Lusine Sargsyan who joined the school just two months ago as an embroidery teacher. Today, the group is comprised of nine children from different classes who create beautiful pieces of lace and who knit primarily socks and footwear for infants. Just seeing the class, one gets a sense that these children truly love this hobby. As Lusine said, “The kids embroider at home, too. They also decided to continue the embroidery group ...

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