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[BCPP]: FAR Supported Youth Participate in Monastery Cleanup image

One of the most important objectives of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) is to encourage youth to participate in positive, service-oriented activities. As part of this, 35 young people - Mardigian Scholarship students from Tavush Province who are supported by BCPP, along with young people from the town of Berd and some neighboring villages—had a memorable visit to Shkhmurad Monastery in Tavush where they demonstrated their appreciation for nature and history on August 24th by performing some maintenance on monastery grounds. Not only did they enjoy it, for almost all of them it was the first opportunity to see this historical site and learn more about it.

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[FAR Scholarships]: Scholarship Students Find Real Joy in Helping Others standard

FAR’s scholarship students don’t necessarily wait to finish college before they offer a return on their investment. Instead, they use every chance they can to help their fellow community members. This year, for instance, a group of our Mathevosian, Jerair Nishanian, Gulamerian and Mardigian scholarship recipients joined the villagers of Yervandashat in the Armavir Region at the end of June for their apricot harvest. The crop yield was especially rich this year. Arkadiy Khachikyan, president of the Yervandashat Agricultural Association Consumers Cooperative, hosted students who spent 14 days there and worked in fields belonging to seven of the cooperative’s farmers. “We are very grateful to FAR and its students for this support. Their help was a great incentive for us. ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: New Young Armenians Join the FAR Students Family standard

Eighteen-year-old Lily Khachatryan is one of the 27 students recently selected for FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship, which will cover tuition for a full four years—provided she is able to keep up her grades. Lily is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile, from Amasya Village in the Shirak Region. Her dream is to one day become a TV anchor, which she definitely keeps as her long-term focus as she studies at Yerevan State University. In the meantime, she’s about to start an internship at the FAR Children’s Center, where she weaves that experience into her studies as she prepares short profiles about the Center’s children, finding inspiration in each and every brave child who seeks temporary shelter and support at the ...

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[Science and Education]: Bringing New Opportunities to Future Students standard

11,525 prospective students will be applying to higher educational institutions of Armenia for the 2014-2015 academic year. As such, FAR is expecting to receive numerous applications from students to seize the opportunities offered by the FAR Education Programs. Future students will have a chance to apply to six different scholarship programs: Mathevosian Scholarship, Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship, Gulamerian Foundation Scholarship, Ester Ajemian Scholarship, Armine and Garabed Zambak Scholarship, and the Mardigian Scholarship. Since 1997, FAR has provided scholarships to students all over Armenia. At the moment, more than 300 students receive our benefactors’ generous support. You can read more about our scholarship students’ experience with FAR in our feature stories below: Click here to meet Marlena Manukyan  who is studying International ...

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