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[CASP]: Stipends Making a Difference in the Lives of Vulnerable Children image

Since its inception in 2000, FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP)* has made a tremendous impact on the lives of orphans and children of children single-mothers. It thus promotes the eradication of child poverty in a number of regions in Armenia and Javakhk, Georgia. CASP sponsorship allows children to have access to life-changing benefits until they turn 18, like school supplies and other forms of educational support, everyday essentials like food, clothes, and extracurricular activities, and medical care.

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[CASP]: The Struggles of a Fearless Provider image

Lusine Poghosyan is a real hero. Years ago, during the Nagorno-Karabagh War, she used to deliver food every day to fighters on the border near the city of Meghri in Syunik Province. “I should have been a boy — that is nature’s mistake,” said the 38-year-old. “Back then I even used to dress like boy. For three months they didn’t even know I was a girl! I used to hide my hair under a cap and wear military clothes to bring the food.” She proudly recalls times when her father was responsible for keeping an arsenal for the freedom fighters at their house in Nrnadzor, not far from Meghri, and she was able to play a small part in this ...

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[CASP]: CASP Brings Hope to Family in Meghri standard

Arshaluys and Anna Hovhannisyan, both CASP beneficiaries, were born and raised in the city of Meghri. Considered the southern gate of Armenia, Meghri borders Iran and has a soft and warm climate. Here, the fruitful gardens are sweeter than honey. Still, the Hovhannisyan family struggles to make ends meet. As a single mother, Anahit Hovhannisyan works as a cleaner at Meghri State College and earns 45,000 AMD, or 110 USD per month. In addition, the family income is supplemented by the 40,000 AMD a month pension Anahit’s mother-in-law Alvard receives. This, combined with the family’s 27,000 AMD state allowance, covers their most basic expenses. In addition, the eldest sister Alvard graduated from Kapan State College’s Faculty of Pharmaceuticals in 2011, ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Another Successful Year of Medical Training standard

Through diligent and consistent work organized and implemented through FAR’s Health Programs Coordination Department, the end of October saw another year of professional medical trainings draw to a close. Such trainings are a part of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program and are implemented by FAR in collaboration with the USAID-funded HS-STAR project. Between October 1 and November 1, the last seminars of the year were held in the cities of Ashtarak, Artashat, and Meghri. During the informative sessions, trainees were introduced to developments in the areas of cardiovascular diseases, emergency obstetric care, maternal health, and family planning. Many thanks are owed to doctors Gevorg Podosyan, Armen Piruzyan, Hovhannes Kzhdryan, Hamayak Sisakyan, Satenik Matevosyan, Rusudan Vardanyan and Sergey Pepoyan. The ...

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[CASP]: Profile – Davit Tsatryan, Aspiring Agronomist. standard

Kajaran is a small town located near a huge copper and molybdenum plant, which first opened during the Soviet period. Today, it’s the source of employment for almost all residents of this town, including Sona Ishkhanyan. Born in 1973, Sona was 21 years old when she married Boris Tsatryan and moved to Tashtun, near Meghri in the Syunik region. Five years later they had their first child Davit, who they named after the Armenian national hero Davit of Sasun. Like the epic hero, Davit was a very handsome baby. He was only 28 days old when his father died from blood cancer and life for his family took an unexpected turn. Without her husband, it was very hard for Sona ...

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[CASP]: CASP Children Express Their Appreciation. standard

By helping hundreds of parentless and needy children CASP* carries out an important social mission in our homeland. Because of the difficult economic situation in Armenia, thousands of people are unemployed and in urgent need of supplemental income. Families living in the U.S. who sympathize with those children through this program try to ease the pain and hardships of low-income families living in Armenia and Javakhk. CASP is a lifeline for many of them. The areas where CASP stipends are distributed grow every year. Currently, nearly 1,200 children benefit from CASP. This year stipends were distributed to 653 beneficiaries in the Araratian region, which encompasses the cities of Yerevan, Ararat, Armavir, and in the Aragatsotn, Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions. Two ...

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[CASP]: Another Great Summer at CASP’s Camp. standard

Before we even entered Lucy Camp, we could hear the joyful shouts of children from afar. Groups had already been formed and everyone was preparing for the “Flower Holiday,” the one day each summer when camp children compete in order to give the best presentation on their favorite flower through songs, poems, and folktales. Once we arrived, we started to talk to the children, who shared their impressions of the contest with great excitement. It is the efforts of the Women’s Guild of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) that make it possible for CASP beneficiaries to spend their summer playing, learning and making new friends at the scenic and peaceful Lucy Camp in Yeghegnadzor. This year, ...

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[Armenian Life]: Levon Lachikyan’s Fifth Personal Exhibition. standard

Art Critic and FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan recently opened his fifth personal exhibition at the Espaces Youth Center* in Yerevan. The exhibition, which is entitled “Crossroads,” was compiled from Levon’s graphic works of various European cities, including Paris, Marseilles, Vienna, Venice and Prague, as well as many from various towns in Armenia like Gyumri, Goris and Meghri, among others. “My purpose is to show that beauty is a universal value, but its location is not important,” Levon said in his opening speech. In Levon’s works the buildings are not merely simple stone structures. They represent a creative environment, where the intellectual thoughts of man develop. The graphic works really convince the audience to love the cozy corners of Armenia ...

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