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[VOAH]: A Fabulous Day standard

Sitting comfortably in their armchairs outside the building, a group of elderly people were basking in spring sunlight and looking down the undulating road when the rumble of the engine started to approach from the depth downhill. They all grew agitated as the big bus appeared in front of the old age home. It was the 27th of April, when students from FAR’s various scholarship programs, were joined by some students from the Vanadzor Taron 2 Children’s Home to visit the Vanadzor Old Age Home. Upon arrival, students had a refreshing lunch. Then, they got down to work, cleaning the rooms of the building and doing some gardening downstairs.  Some of the students, residents of Mer Doon who are qualified ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Stepping into New Life standard

In the past five years, nine young residents of Mer Doon have been married. Prior to forming their own families, the young ladies had outgrown orphanages and found a home at Mer Doon that fostered their education in a loving and compassionate family environment. Throughout their stay, they were backed by the support of benevolent individuals and organizations, among which is FAR. Two of the latest Mer Doon marriages were celebrated at the end of last year. Two girls, Gohar and Tehmine got married on the same day: December 29, 2012. Gohar Gabrielyan had lived in the Gavar boarding-house through 2006, after which she was placed in a foster home until 2011. She then found herself at the FAR Children’s ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Completing the Needlework standard

A cozy, well-kept house not too far from the center of Etchmiadzin stands out in the side panorama of the street. The abode is Mer Doon NGO’s Residence for Young Women. “Mer Doon” is translated as “Our Home,” which reflects the mission of the organization for its beneficiaries. Well-furnished with a warmly-colored interior, the residence currently harbors eight young ladies who are either orphans or come from single-parent households. The girls live here and attend universities in Etchmiadzin. As part of the versatile education provided by Mer Doon, they learn needlework and carpet embroidery. Occasionally, their souvenir products are featured in exhibits and put up for sale. Mer Doon is fully equipped to meet the residents’ needs. This center is ...

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