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[FAR Scholarships]: Nishanian Benefactors Receive a Warm Welcome in Armenia standard

FAR staff, along with students and educational institutions supported by the Jerair Nishanian Foundation were very happy to meet the foundation’s benefactor Vazrik, who is Jerair’s nephew, and Vazrik’s wife Nooneh, in Armenia earlier this fall. The first stop for Vazrik and Nooneh was Gavar State University (GSU), where the 77 students supported by the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program, gathered in the university’s largest hall to welcome them. The Nishanians toured the university, met with faculty members, and even saw the university’s museum, which houses artifacts from the region. But the highlight was meeting with the scholarship students. GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan opened the meeting with a detailed introduction of Jerair Nishanian’s biography and life path, along with a film ...

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[FAR Education]: U.S. Engineers Visit Armenia, Furthering Partnership standard

FAR’s partnership forged last year with Rutgers University and the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA) is getting stronger. The result: more young people in Armenia have the chance for a better education and to further develop their architecture and engineering careers in Armenia. Recently, professors and Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America, New York – New Jersey (AESA NY-NJ) section members Vahan Tanal, David Michaelian and AESA Division President Hovhannes Mardirossian, visited Armenia as part of the cooperation between NUACA and Rutgers University’s Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (RUCAIT). During their visit Mr. Tanal and Mr. Michaelian made presentations on major tunnel projects at NUACA, with Mr. Tanal focusing on construction of the Bosporus tube ...

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