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[Healthcare; BCPP]: Course in Disaster Medicine Helps Doctors in Armenia’s At-Risk Border Region image

For those who inhabit the region of Berd, which sits along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, the everyday risk of injury is very real. Here, the ongoing conflict with Azerbajian is palpable, with cross-border gunfire a somewhat normal occurrence. As a result, it’s imperative that local physicians be able to provide the appropriate care.

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[BCPP]: Fighting with the Stroke of a Brush image

Siramarg Aydinyan teaches the children of Aygepar and Movses villages in the Tavush Region both the beauty and the secrets of arts and crafts. “They should learn how beautiful the life around them is in their early years so they can learn how to carry on that beauty throughout their lives,” said Siramarg. “That would be their pathway out of poverty.” Ignoring the constant background sound of cross-border gunfire and shelling that plague these villages Siramarg, a teacher fully devoted to her work, makes every effort to reach the Armenia-Azerbaijan border to be with her students. She leads one of the extracurricular hobby groups that FAR organizes in Berd City and its surrounding villages through its Breaking the Cycle of ...

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