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[CASP]: Families Supported by CASP: A Widow’s Burden standard

Norayr Piloyan lives with his mother, brother, grandmother, and grandfather in Javakhk. The entire family depends on his mom, as she is the only member who is able to work. The two boys are still minors and the grandparents have already entered old age. Norayr’s grandparents are not in good health and require much daily care. Their grandchildren take care of them while the mother is at work. The large family lives in a studio apartment. The one room housing five people also manages to hold a very crowded kitchen in one of its corners. Since Norayr’s father passed away, the family hasn’t had any source of income besides his mother’s. Thus, they have learned to live sparingly.  They have ...

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[CASP]: Families Supported through CASP: Childhood Dreams standard

8-year-old Vazgen can often be found diligently doing his homework. He has a natural inclination towards languages. And though he is only in the 3rd grade, he works with the diligence of a bee, intent on doing his best for his own future and that of his family. After his father passed away, Vazgen and his mother were left without the main breadwinner of the family. Limited in resources, they lost their home and moved to live in their relatives’ house. The house is old and decrepit. A bed, a table, and some kitchenware are what a visitor can see at a casual glance. Vazgen’s mother has a job with a very modest salary that hardly allows her to cover ...

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: Javakhk Physician Hopes to Apply New Knowledge To Her Practice. standard

FAR’s healthcare programs have grown in 2011. Every month, physicians from Javakhk and Nagorno-Karabagh can visit Yerevan to participate in the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), an opportunity made possible through a partnership with the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization. Lilit Ananikyan from Javakhk was one of the doctors who joined the program in May. She was born in 1977 in Satia, which is in the Ninotsminda region of Georgia. After graduation from secondary school, she was admitted to the Yerevan Institute of Traditional Medicine, where she went to medical school. Upon her return to the native town, Lilit worked at the greatly understaffed and under resourced Ninotsminda Emergency Center. The center uses two old cars as ambulances and they ...

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[CASP]: CASP’s Spring 2011 Stipends Distributed in Javakhk. standard

Javakhk is a region of Georgia highly populated by Armenians. It is rich in tradition, history and heritage. Here, the people are proud. They have a sense of dignity and willingness to live peacefully with the Georgian people, while contributing to the betterment of the country. Recently, FAR staff traveled to this area to distribute the spring stipends donated by the Women’s Guild Central Council of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) for the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP).  The trip also provides a chance for staff to get to know the beneficiaries, get familiarized with the social situation in the region, and discuss possible areas for cooperation. Currently, 100 parentless children from Javakhk are included ...

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