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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Students Reach Vulnerable Children Through Dance standard

“One, two, three, four,” the children say in unison. “Five, six, seven, eight,” they continue in step before they join hands to form a circle. “This is how we teach the kids the Echmiadzin national dance,” said Nelli Zakaryan, one recent afternoon. It’s been three months since Nelli and Arpine Tanqamyan, both Mathevosian scholarship students, started coming to the FAR Children’s Center each week to voluntarily teach national dance to the kids at the Center. Both girls study finance at the Armenian State University of Economics thanks to the support they receive from the scholarship. While it may be difficult for Nelli and Arpine to converse with many of the children who come from difficult backgrounds they are able to ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Scholarship Students Join the Effort for Genocide Recognition standard

Millions across the world joined the quest for justice and recognition of the Armenian Genocide on April 24th. FAR’s scholarship students were no exception as they marched from Yerevan’s Sports and Entertainment Complex to the Genocide Memorial or Tsitsernakaberd to lay flowers around the eternal flame in memory of 1.5 million victims. More than 70 students supported by FAR’s Mathevosian, Gulamerian, Nishanian, Ajemian, Zambak, Berberian and Baghsarian scholarship programs, among others, joined the effort, which was led by FAR’s Education and Scientific Programs Coordinator Eduard Karapetyan. Many students openly expressed their passion for joining this effort. “Genocide is a crime that has no potential for forgiveness and no date of expiration. Even after one hundred years justice should be restored ...

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