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[BCPP]: Five More Schools Renovated in Tavush Province image

The children could hardly contain their excitement as their guests gathered in their kindergarten’s newly renovated kitchen. For more than 35 years, generations of children at the school had become comfortable with the kitchen’s musty walls and its damaged floor, windows, and doors. There had been no appropriate space to prepare daily meals, and no actual place where the children could sit and eat their food.

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[BCPP]: Six More Villages to be Covered by FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program image

Six new villages will be covered as part of FAR's Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), which recently began its fourth year of helping communities in Tavush Province's Berd Region. One hundred and five families from the villages of Movses, Verin Karmiraghbyur, Choratan, Norashen, Navur and Itsaqar were chosen to receive support, which will include the creation of individual family stabilization plans by our social workers that will enable each family to access what they need to pull themselves out of poverty, including vocational skills development, medical care, educational opportunities and financial support, among other things.

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[BCPP]: Thirst No More image

Just a few months ago a significant portion of villagers in Choratan didn’t have decent and reliable access to safe drinking water. Residents of this small town, which is nestled in the Berd Region of Tavush Province, had to walk several hundred meters to the nearest tap anytime they needed to collect water before carrying it back to their homes in buckets and cans. Villagers from Choratan finally decided to come together to solve the problem, and now the 50 out of its 150 resident families previously without their own water supply no longer have to leave their homes to get it. The team of villagers pinpointed a potable water source with potential capacity to serve the families in need ...

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