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[BCPP]: Hobby Groups Provide Children in Tavush with a Much-Needed Outlet image

One of the objectives of our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) is to provide psychosocial support through extracurricular activities and hobby groups that operate in different villages in Tavush Province, where BCPP is implemented. BCPP started out supporting eight hobby groups in five different villages back in 2013 when the program began. Today, it supports 20 groups in 15 different villages and in Berd City.

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[BCPP]: BCPP Hobby Groups Pave the Way for Future Artists image

  As FAR’s BCPP (Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program*) expands the number of its hobby groups in the border villages of Tavush Province students are already starting to show great results. The painting hobby class of Aygepar Village, for example, had been operating for just three months before its students held their first exhibition in May. The group is really popular as nearly all of Aygepar’s students attend. Many impressed their parents with creations; Some were even amazed by the artistic talents of their own children. Principal Arev Arzumanyan was also very satisfied with the work of her students. “It is thanks to the diligence and commitment of the group’s supervisor and teacher Siramarg Aydinyan that this group has ...

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[FAR Art Programs]: A Chance to Commune with Nature. standard

Several Armenian artists recently returned from a trip to Lake Sevan where they were able to focus on their work thanks to the FAR Fine Art Painter’s Program. For 10 years, FAR has worked with the Artists Union of Armenia to organize these excursions. The program covers transportation costs and provides food and supplies for the day trips, which are a welcome respite from Yerevan and a chance for these artists to immerse themselves in and be inspired by nature. The program is incredibly important, as it helps to educate Armenian artists on the richness and treasures of their country, and gain a new perspective through which they can express themselves, according to FAR’s Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan. FAR usually ...

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