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[FAR Health Programs]: FAR Celebrates Seven Years of Cooperation with AAHPO, and the Improvement of Healthcare in Artsakh image

Over 200 doctors from Artsakh trained in the latest medical approaches. More than 20 trainings on various healthcare issues held in Stepanakert. Dozens of items of vital medical equipment sent to Artsakh’s medical institutions. These are the quantitative results of the seven-year collaboration between FAR and the Armenian-American Healthcare Professionals Organization (AAHPO) on the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).

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[Health Programs]: Improving Care for the Wounded in Armenia image

Despite the introduction of new technology over the past decade, proper wound care remains a considerable medical and surgical concern, especially in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. A recent joint effort between Armenian and Armenian-American physicians initiated a program aimed at improving the situation of wound care by identifying, acquiring and distributing modern equipment to, as well as training more health care professionals at major Armenian medical institutions.

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[Ayo!]: Memories to Last a Lifetime standard

When Anita Touloughian and Talin Gulian of the New Jersey-based Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble visited Armenia last year on the FAR Young Professionals Trip, they never expected to return the following year with the entire team of Akh’tamar dancers –– and their relatives. The two-week trip in 2014 exceeded their expeditions so much that all of their stories of Armenia, including their trips to FAR project sites, proved infectious. Soon after the girls’ return, the entire dance troop expressed their desire to go to Armenia. As a result, three outstanding performances in Yerevan, Gyumri and Stepanakert earlier this summer have since left the group with some truly fond memories. The young people from the Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble traveled from New Jersey ...

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[FAR VOAH]: A Kind Man Finds Peace at Vanadzor Old Age Home standard

Karo Poghosyan, 64, is a single man who never married, and a fine example of human kindness and optimism. He lived with his parents in Kapan until moving to Yerevan following his mother’s death in 2009. Karo has come to the aid of his siblings and their families throughout the years. At one point, he sold his apartment to help his sister’s family with their financial troubles. Life in Yerevan was not easy for Karo. After selling his apartment, the only thing he could afford to rent was a small, humid room. He sold icons in Yerevan to get by but the money wasn’t enough for him to purchase enough food or heat his apartment during the winter. Gradually, his ...

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[FAR Healthcare]: Karabagh Seminars Help Professional Growth standard

Last October, FAR organized two full-day seminars on modern trends in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as the infectious diseases in Nagorno Karabakh with support from the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization. More than 50 doctors from Stepanakert and other regions attended. Watch the video prepared by FAR’s staff in Stepanakert, which shares the atmosphere of the trainings and feedback from participants.

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[FAR Art Programs]: Young Musicians Show their Talent standard

Young musicians from throughout the country last month gathered at Yerevan State Conservatory to participate in a contest for young clarinetists. For six days, students gathered to compete before a special committee in honor of the distinguished artist and the late conservatory professor Abgar Muradyan. The contest concluded with a gala concert at Small Philharmonic Hall, which was erected in honor of Arno Babajanyan. The concert opened with a brief film about Abgar Muradyan. Twenty-two year old Arsen Grigoryan from Stepanakert, won the first prize and received 200,000 AMD. Sergey Abrahamyan, 19, from Yerevan, won the second prize and received 150,000 AMD. Avetiq Ghazaryan, 24, also from Yerevan, won the third prize and received 100,000 AMD. Serob Asatryan, a second-year ...

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[YPT]: A Journey of Discovery standard

This year marked the 18th year that enthusiastic young professionals discovered their homeland with FAR during the Young Professionals Trip (YPT) to Armenia 2013. The trip participants, including professionals from the fields of health, journalism, construction management, and music, spent two weeks in Armenia discovering its history, culture, and people. Under the guidance of FAR’s Project Director Arto Vorperian and tour guide, historian, and comedian extraordinaire Galust Hovsepyan, the YPs explored monumental historical sites, such as Garni, Ambert, Sardarabad, and the tomb of Mesrob Mashots. They also discovered the wealth of the Christian Armenian faith in the churches of Geghard, Saghmosavank, St. Hripsime, St. Gayane, Khor Virab, Noravank, and the majestic Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin. The highlights of the cultural ...

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[FAR Medical Programs]: Reflections on a Recent Trip to Karabagh. standard

By Arin Balalian On June 12th, myself and Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan, FAR healthcare programs manager, took a trip to Nagorno Karabagh (NKR). One of the primary goals of this trip was to ask NKR Health Minister Dr. Sergey Movsisyan for his feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of American Armenian Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO)-funded Continuing Medical Education Program (CME). We also aimed to target areas of the program that need continued improvement and development. Dr. Movsisyan expressed his gratitude for the AAHPO-CME Program, greatly emphasizing its importance for the professional development of NKR physicians. He also mentioned that CME is helping to meet the need of having trained and competent family physicians who can adequately provide primary health care for ...

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