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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: Visit to Remote Regional Hospitals in Lori Marz. standard

FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) began in 2005. Since its start, FAR staff members have made more than 50 trips to provincial hospitals to promote the program and increase the awareness about such an opportunity among provincial physicians. The most recent visit took staff to Stepanavan and Alaverdi medical centers in Lori marz. CME fellow from Stepanavan Medical Center Ruzan Marikyan, a cardiologist, talked about the program with enthusiasm. ”It’s very beneficial and brings about positive results. I look forward to applying for a second round,” she said. Ruzan Marikyan, Cardiologist, Stepanavan Credit: FAR staff

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[Hayastani Kidak Society]: The Stepanavan District in Armenia Introduces New Travel Guide. standard

The Stepanavan District in Armenia introduces its new Travel Guide to develop tourism in this area. The project has been made possible through a International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) grant. The purpose of creating this travel guide is to attract more tourists and visitors and new investors to this district, bring government attention to a former tourism center of Armenia and help to improve the economy of the region. You can download it here. Credit: Stepanavan District

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