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[FAR New York]: From Jersey to Armenia. standard

The generosity of New Jersey resident and FAR donor John Thomas reached a church full of children in Armenia on Easter Sunday. Orphans, along with children who have lost at least one of their parents, gathered together for worship at the small church in the town of Berd, which is perched near the Azeri border. Among them was Alvina, whose father was killed by an Azeri sniper’s bullet just before she was born. Hers is a story similar to others in this region who lost their fathers during the military conflict with Azerbaijan during the 1990s and its subsequent skirmishes. The history of unrest keeps residents continually living in fear. Yet, for at least one day that fear subsided a ...

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[CASP]: Beneficiary Potraits – CASP Beneficiaries Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan. standard

Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan live with their mother and grandmother in the city of Akhlkalak in Javakhk, Georgia. Their mother works at a shop in town, and earns barely enough to make ends meet. Often, they can’t afford to buy medicine for the children’s ailing grandmother. Irina is in the ninth grade and Rafayel in the fifth grade. Irina is an exceptional student, and hopes to continue her formal education after high school. However, the family’s poverty is quite overwhelming. Rafayel is fond of sports, and enjoys playing football with his peers. With great pleasure, Rafayel and Irina help their mother with all of the housework. The children were elated to receive the CASP stipend, and they express their deepest ...

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[CASP]: Beneficiary Potraits – CASP Beneficiary Katya Galstyan. standard

Katya Galstyan lives with her grandmother and uncle’s family in Javakhk’s Khospio village.  She is 13 years old, and attends high school.  In 2001, Katya’s family left for Russia, in order to find work there. Unfortunately, her father died in 2003, forcing her mother to return back to Javakhk with her two infant daughters.  A year later, Katya’s mother left again for Russia, seeking medical care for Katya’s sister, who suffers from a severe disease affecting her limbs. Katya has not seen her mother in five years.  Her mother is unable to return to Javakhk due to the Russia-Georgia conflict, and therefore works in Russia hardly making a living.  Sometimes, she sends money for Katya.  Katya’s uncle and his wife ...

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[CASP]: Javakhk Distributions Made standard

The most recent distribution for CASP beneficiaries in the Javakhk region was held last month.  An interesting feature of the Javakhk region distribution is that it happens during the harvesting season, when many of the beneficiaries are quite busy cultivating potatoes.  Therefore, the children and their families are available to receive their CASP stipends only after the workday is complete. Father Tatev with CASP Beneficiaries of the Soorp Khatch Church Credit: FAR Staff Vicar Father Babken Salbian from the Javakhk church, Father Armash, Father Tatev and CASP’s Javakhk Program contact Lusine Muradyan were responsible for the 99 cash stipends distributed to the CASP beneficiaries.  FAR thanks these individuals, as well as our generous donors, for their ongoing support. Father Babgen ...

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[CASP]: 206 Beneficiaries Receive Financial Stipends standard

In early October, FAR was proud to send its own Margarit Piliposyan along with CASP Program Coordinator Eduard Karapetyan to visit the Syunik region of Armenia.  There, Margarit and Eduard distributed the 100 USD stipends to the 206 beneficiaries of this year’s CASP program. CASP Distribution in Syunik Credit: FAR Staff During the visit, Margarit and Eduard were happy to meet with many of the beneficiaries and their guardians. The 50 beneficiaries who were fortunate enough to take part in the “Siranush” summer camp expressed special thanks to CASP and FAR for their financial support. Margarit and Eduard also visited some beneficiaries in their homes in Meghri. Through CASP (Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program), FAR is able to positively impact ...

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[CASP] : Scholarship Distribution in Shirak Region standard

The FAR office in Shirak allocated CASP sponsorships to 31 beneficiaries in the Shirak region (100 USD to each beneficiary). One of the CASP beneficiaries, the Snkhchyan family, lost their house as a result of the 1988 earthquake. Since then they have been living in a wooden cottage located in the suburbs of Gyumri. Two years ago, Anahit Snkhchyan also lost her husband, a well-known specialist of mathematics. Now she hardly manages to keep her four children. Anahit is unemployed and her father-in-law has to support the family. Fortunately, her son Hovhannes could be enrolled in the CASP child sponsorship program – managed by FAR – and her eldest daughter is a FAR Mathevosian Scholarship program beneficiary. “I would face ...

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