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[FAR Economic Development]: FAR Donors and Friends Excited to Learn about Zangakatun’s Community Development Program image

Fund for Armenian Relief’s Zangakatun Community Development program was born as a collaboration between FAR and local farmers. While Zangakatun is famous for a variety of traditionally grown apples, very often its farmers faced challenges as they did not have adequate storage facilities, and were continually faced with the challenge to either rapidly sell their entire harvest or experience significant losses.

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[Partnerships]: Benefactors Witness Improvements in Zangakatun Village image

We love it when our supporters personally witness a project’s implementation. It is one of the strongest components of our organization’s accountability. Recently, our generous donors Harry Toufayan and his wife Suzanne visited the village of Zangakatun in Armenia. The visit was a wonderful occasion to officially introduce to the Toufayans the newly renovated irrigation system that was made possible in part thanks to their generous support. Rehabilitation of the existing system and construction of a new pipeline to irrigate 417 hectares was also partially funded by the Orange Foundation’s One Village program.

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[Armenian Life]: A Woman of Many Talents. standard

I was familiar with Florence Avakian’s name from Armenia’s Azg daily, and from different international newspapers and journals. It was only recently, however, that I had the chance to meet and personally get to know her when she visited Armenia with FAR. It was Florence’s eighth trip to Armenia, and she was here to report on the Toufayan family’s visit to projects they’ve supported in Zangakatun and in Etchmiadzin. Florence was interested in everything about Armenian life – its positive and negative sides, the living conditions of people, etc. Born in New York, Florence speaks brilliant Armenian. “My mother was to blame for it,” she said with a joking smile. “She always made me and my sister speak Armenian at ...

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[FAR Economic Programs]: Construction of the Cold Storage Unit for Zangakatun is Close to Completion. standard

This autumn, the villagers of Zangakatun are looking forward to the completion of the construction of the Cold Storage Unit. After a fruitful harvest season, this storage unit will help them to preserve their produce during the colder months. The construction process is quickly drawing to a close. The employees of Megerian Shin LLC, one of the construction companies at work on the project, have already finished the special inner walls. They are made from fire resistant, foam-plastic panels. Next, Gogi Ltd will construct the roof, walls and doors and also the sewage system. With the help of the Toufayan family, FAR was able to launch the FAR / Toufayan Business Development Support Center two months ago.  Part of this ...

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