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[VOAH]: VOAH Residents Baptized image

April 25 was a special day at FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), when 15 of its residents were baptized. Some of VOAH’s residents had previously expressed their desire to be baptized to Father Abraham of Saint Grigor Narekatsi Church of Gugarats Diocese during one of his recent visits to the home. Thanks to the efforts of the Diocese and VOAH, their holy day finally came.

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[Vanadzor Old Age Home]: Poetry is His Medium image

Manushak Ohanyan, the head of FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), received a priceless and especially touching present on her birthday this year, a poem written by a beneficiary, which was dedicated especially to her. Aram Pachinski, 59, a Karabakh War veteran who writes poetry, plays piano and loves to entertain others with his singing, wrote the poem on a piece pf paper then asked staff to photograph, design and post it to Manushak’s Facebook page on his behalf. Manushak, I’ll make a confession With heart and soul I will present Love and joy, peace and happiness To you, a lovely creature, read the poem when translated from Russian. “When I saw it first on Facebook it filled my heath ...

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[VOAH]: A Sampling of VOAH’s Collection of Characters image

FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) distinguishes itself from similar institutions in Armenia thanks to its pristine housing conditions and the comfort it brings to its residents. Located in the heart of the Lori Province’s picturesque forests overlooking the Tandzut River, VOAH is a home for 55 inhabitants who are a collection of characters, some of whom count the minutes until their next visit from a relative, and others who were lonely in their former lives and are now happy to share their days with their friends who feel more like family. There are the artists like Alexander Nersisyan, 65, who plays accordion, piano and paints. More, he is the home’s chess champion. Then there’s Aram Pachinski, 60, a Karabakh ...

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[VOAH]: Sahan Arzruni Concert Series in Support of VOAH Kicks off in Washington image

Ever since she was appointed by the Women’s Guild Central Council at the Eastern Diocese as liaison to Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), Louisa Baghdasaryan has embraced her new role with enthusiasm. Her most recent endeavor, a concert held at the Armenian Embassy in Washington, DC, last month raised $2,500 for the facility that 50 low-income elderly call home. “It was wonderful,” she said of the event, where composer and master pianist Sahan Arzruni volunteered to perform for the attendees who packed the room. The sold out concert was followed by a reception that was organized by Daughters of Vartan and the Ararat Avag Society of the St. Mary’s Armenian Church in Washington. Voice of America also covered the show. ...

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[VOAH]: Renovated Road Eases Access to Vanadzor Old Age Home standard

FAR has another victory to celebrate. After nearly a year of fundraising efforts the road to Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) is now totally reconstructed. The 50 beneficiaries of VOAH are extremely thankful to each and everyone who helped to improve the road, which had been causing difficulties for years. Previously filled with potholes that slowed delivery trucks, and in the worst cases ambulances, the condition of the road was a longtime concern of VOAH supporter Sahan Arzruni who initiated a successful fundraising campaign last year for its rehabilitation. Fundraising efforts and reconstruction were overseen by Louisa Baghdasaryan, liaison to VOAH from the Women’s Guild Central Council of Eastern Diocese.

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[VOAH]: FAR Students Bring Joy to VOAH Residents standard

We couldn’t wish for anything better at Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) than happy and joyful residents. Recently, more than 50 of FAR’s scholarship students visited VOAH to help with a major spring clean of the building and its surrounding grounds. Their May 9th visit was also chosen for a purpose since it marks three holidays: the liberation of Shushi during the Nagorno Karabakh War; Karabakh Defense Army Day; and Victory Day of the Soviet armed forces in the World War II. The young visitors wanted to make the day as colorful and as fun as possible for “grandpas” and “grandmas” of VOAH. First thing first, students cleaned and fixed everything in the residents’ rooms. They then tended to the ...

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[VOAH]: Longtime VOAH Supporter Sahan Arzruni Pays a Visit to Armenia standard

After several years since his last visit, musician, renowned philanthropist and FAR supporter Sahan Arzruni, recently decided it was time for him to take another trip to Armenia. In addition to going to several concerts in Yerevan, he also put Vanadzor on his itinerary. As a longtime supporter of Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), Mr. Arzruni last year initiated a successful fundraising campaign to rehabilitate the road leading to the VOAH building. FAR’s Executive Director last year also met with the Vanadzor Mayor Samvel Darbinyan to discuss the timing and approach to the re-construction of the road, which is filled with potholes and always causes trouble for those making deliveries. This trip, Mr. Arzruni decided to spend a day visiting ...

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