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[VOAH]: Scholarship Students Bring Holiday Cheer to VOAH Residents standard

As the tradition goes, dozens of young students took one full day before their exams to visit and spread some holiday cheer to the elderly residents of Vanadzor Old Age Home* (VOAH). All are recipients of FAR’s scholarship programs, including the Mathevosian Scholarship, Gulamerian Foundation Scholarship, Jerar Nishanian Foundation Scholarship (at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction), and the Toufayan, Baghsarian and Mardigian scholarship programs. They cleaned the building, including the residents’ rooms, and tidied up the yard and surrounding green areas. Three qualified hairdressers – two students from Mer Doon and one from Vanadzor Orphanage – washed, cut and styled residents’ hair. Students were able to have one-on-one talks with the elderly about their fascinating life experiences, while ...

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[FAR Partnerships]: Life-Changing Armenia standard

21-one-year old Alexis Davidian could be considered a typical American college student. She spent most of her time buried in her pre-law studies in university, fretting over upcoming LSATs, and wondering what the future would hold with law school and beyond. When her Armenian grandparents strongly encouraged her to pay a summer visit to Armenia, she had no idea of the monumental change in perspective this would give her university life concerned with GPA and credit loads. In short, the summer voyage to her grandparents’ homeland changed her life. “My grandparents were those keeping me in Armenian culture and it was them who found the Armenia Service Program (ASP), the one that brought me to Armenia,” explains Alexis. Along with ...

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[VOAH]: Generous Gift from St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church to Support VOAH standard

The Women’s Guild at St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church in Washington, DC, recently made a generous donation to support FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH). The funds raised through the Guild’s Advent by Candlelight ceremony event will contribute to VOAH’s overall programs and operations. Advent by Candlelight was organized within the framework of the overall Women’s Guild of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) sponsorship of the elderly in Armenia, a project that was adopted by the Women’s Guild Assembly in 2013. Members were enthusiastic about putting their talents and energy behind a worthwhile cause like VOAH. “As a community, we must all be dedicated to making sure our elders spend their latter years in a dignified ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholars Continue on Path to Success standard

We are proud to announce the latest successes of our Mathevosian Scholarship Program recipients.  Of the 72 scholars for 2012-2013, 54 have achieved good or excellent academic results. During a recent meeting of FAR’s Education Programs Coordinating Council, three of the undergraduate students were awarded grants of 80,000 AMD each, and all students with excellent results received certificates of achievement from FAR. This year’s Mathevosian scholars come from all regions of Armenia and they study at various institutions around the country, the majority of whom are at Yerevan State University. Twenty seven are at the State University of Economics; 12 at Armenian State Engineering University and two study at the State Agrarian University of Armenia. Fifty-three are pursuing their master’s degrees ...

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[VOAH]: Residents Receive Eye Exams standard

In July, 12 elderly beneficiaries of the Vanadzor Old Age Home received eye exams with the support of the Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP). As a result of the screenings, eight of the patients underwent eye surgery performed by Dr. Asatour Hovsepyan, AECP’s Mobile Eye Hospital coordinator and surgeon at the S. Malayan Ophthalmological Center. Some of the Vanadzor Old Age Home beneficiaries had been experiencing problems with their eyesight for years and had almost completely lost their eyesight prior to receiving treatment from AECP. The Armenian EyeCare Project, a nonprofit founded in 1992 by Roger Ohanesian, M.D., works to eliminate preventable blindness in Armenia and to make quality eye care accessible to all. AECP has five primary programs: direct patient ...

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[VOAH]: A Fabulous Day standard

Sitting comfortably in their armchairs outside the building, a group of elderly people were basking in spring sunlight and looking down the undulating road when the rumble of the engine started to approach from the depth downhill. They all grew agitated as the big bus appeared in front of the old age home. It was the 27th of April, when students from FAR’s various scholarship programs, were joined by some students from the Vanadzor Taron 2 Children’s Home to visit the Vanadzor Old Age Home. Upon arrival, students had a refreshing lunch. Then, they got down to work, cleaning the rooms of the building and doing some gardening downstairs.  Some of the students, residents of Mer Doon who are qualified ...

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[VOAH]: There’s Always Hope standard

The road undulating upwards and leading to the Vanadzor Old Age Home through a small gorge covered with thick woods was once an active recreation zone. Now, it is the only way to this shelter that hosts more than 50 elderly people. As winter approaches, the staff of VOAH is haunted by worries over the same issue that crops up every winter. Located in a mountainous area and detached from the city of Vanadzor, the Old Age Home becomes practically inaccessible with every snowfall. Even in a snowless period, the problem persists due to chunks of ice on the damaged road. Gaps in the asphalt make it literally impossible for cars to travel through. In such times, food and other ...

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[VOAH]: The Power of a Charity Network standard

On the outskirts of Vanadzor, buried in the greens of recreation zones and far from the reach of urban dust and noise, there is a white building that looks like an ordinary pension house from the first glance. It is the Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) – a unique place for the elderly people living in the area. By a small altar, a cozy place of worship built just three months ago in the vicinity of the Old Age Home, one can often find VOAH residents lighting candles and praying to God. VOAH was established by FAR in 1993 with the exclusive assistance and under the patronage of the eminent French-Armenian singer and benefactor Charles Aznavour. It has been operating ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Gulamerian Scholarship Program Recipient Successfully Defends his Final Project. standard

By Eduard Karapetyan.   Aleqsandr Nefedov is one of FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship Program recipients. Just days ago he defended his final project at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Aleqsandr grew up in Gavar orphanage. Not only is he a great student, but he always lends a helping hand to FAR and has participated in several charitable activities. Aleqsandr helped to shape the children’s playrooms and a recreation center at the FAR Children’s Center. When drawing and pottery groups opened at the Gavar Orphanage and Special School #1, Aleqsandr supported FAR during our work with that project. He is always willing to help those who are in need. When various FAR scholarship program recipients recently paid a visit to ...

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