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[VOAH]: Honey for VOAH. standard

By Gayane Gevorgyan For quite awhile, all of us at Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) have been discussing the idea of using small development projects to help us make the home more self-sustaining. Recently, we received assistance from our friends at the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), with whom we have cooperated on different projects in recent years. Within the framework of UMCOR’s project “Fighting Hunger Through Sustainable Livelihood Development,” we developed a three-year business plan for VOAH. Through UMCOR, VOAH was given five beehives and the materials to care for them. Rafik Tjantjapanyan, a well-known beekeeper from Ashtarak, also came to give a tutorial to residents. Within the next two years, we at VOAH hope to have 15 ...

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[VOAH]: Profile – Margarita Hovsepyan. standard

By Veronika Mkrtchyan Our visit to Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) with FAR scholarship students delighted and inspired residents. While there, a vivacious woman named Grandma Maro immediately instructed us as we did volunteer work around the premises. I was greatly surprised by the youthful spirit of this 76-year-old. Later, when the two of us had a chance to talk, she told me that the secret of staying young comes from deep within a person’s soul. Margarita Hovsepyan, or “Grandma Maro,” has been living in VOAH for the past seven years. She does not remember her past with bitterness. Instead, she lives in the present. In the 1950s, her parents, along with her eight sisters and brothers left Kirovabad, Azerbaijan, ...

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[Vanadzor Old Age Home]: A bright day at VOAH. standard

As tradition has it, FAR’s Mathevosian scholars pay a visit to the Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) at least once a year. The latest visit was pretty remarkable. More than 40 students dropped by to see the residents this week. In addition to spending time with them and exchanging stories, the students took part in a cohesive effort to brighten up the grounds. They cleaned, painted, tidied up the yard, and planted trees and rose bushes. Students from Yerevan Conservatory — recipients of FAR’s Sayan scholarships — topped the day off with a beautiful concert enjoyed by all. Credit: FAR Staff

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[VOAH]: Beneficiary Potraits – Rafik Armaghanyan of the Vanadzor Old Age Home. standard

At 83 years old, Mr. Rafik Armaghanyan is the oldest resident of the Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH).  He found peace and love in the confines of the Vanadzor Home, where he has lived since 1994.  Like many residents of VOAH, Mr. Armaghanyan has had a difficult life.  Born in the Shahali (Gugark) village of the Lori Region in 1927, he graduated from the Tbilisi Railway Transport Institute in 1946, and found work in the Gyumri railway depot.  Though Rafik married and had three daughters, his wife passed away at a young age, and only one daughter remained in Armenia.  Left alone, Rafik remarried, only to lose his second wife at an early age. Left with no one to turn to, Mr. Armaghanyan went ...

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