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[FAR New York]: A Legacy of Armenian Artistic Production in Constantinople. standard

“In their new book, ‘Splendor & Pageantry: Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul,’ art historians Ronald Marchese and Marlene Breu study one previously unexamined facet of Armenian life in Constantinople: the intricate embroideries and sophisticated needlework produced by skilled female artisans for the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople.” – Jennifer Manoukian By Jennifer Manoukian via Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) As the cultural and religious capital for Armenians living under the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, contains within its limits some of the finest remnants of Western Armenian artistic production. If we look closely, glimmers of this once vibrant community can still be seen in modern-day Istanbul. Please continue reading here. Credit: The Eastern Diocese ...

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[Hayastani Kidak Society]: More Impressions from 2011’s YPT. standard

By Susan Ekisian My FAR trip to Armenia in July of 2011 was the most emotional and moving trip I’ve ever taken. Armenia is even more beautiful than I imagined. Not only is the country rich in culture, history and artistic talent but the vistas and scenery are absolutely gorgeous. It was always my dream to visit Armenia and I wanted to do something memorable in honor of my father’s 10th anniversary of passing away this year. Taking a trip to Armenia was the best gift I gave myself, in memory of my loving father. FAR did a wonderful job organizing the two-week tour and for offering me live a trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to returning to Armenia. From the ...

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[FAR New York]: A Visit to San Lazzaro – An Armenian Island in the Heart of Europe (Part I). standard

“For more than three centuries, the island of San Lazzaro has been the home of the Armenian monks of the Mekhitarist order–gentle, soft-spoken men devoted to God, who labor diligently to bring the light of Christianity to the Armenian nation. Founded by Mekhitar Sepastatsi in 1701, the order has ever since stood for the harmonious fusion of Armenia’s Christian faith with devotion to the riches of the Armenian heritage. For the Mekhitarists, faith and patriotism–God and nation–are inseparably intertwined.” – Levon A. Saryan By Levon A. Saryan via The Armenian Weekly Mekhitar was born in 1676 in Sepastia, a city in Western Armenia with a large Armenian population. As a young man he desired to devote himself to the service ...

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