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[VOAH]: Beirut Resident Brings “Santa Shows” to Armenia for Christmas, Inspiring Children and VOAH Residents image

Each Christmas since 2008, Harout Harboyan has donned his Santa Claus costume to entertain kids in his hometown of Beirut with his “Santa Show.” This year, however, Harout, who with his naturally white moustache, sparkling eyes and beaming smile actually resembles Santa Claus, decided to organize such shows for kids in the country of his roots.

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[Ayo!]: Ayo!’s Latest Project Supports Revitalization of One of the Oldest Neighborhoods in Yerevan image

Over the course of 2,800 years, Yerevan, a city that’s older than Rome, has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. Yet, Kond, a small district perched on a hill that overlooks the city center, has maintained its unique Armenian character throughout the centuries. Its old houses and cultural buildings sit along the winding medieval streets that still enrich the area with historic charm.

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