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[Partnerships]: Benefactors Witness Improvements in Zangakatun Village image

We love it when our supporters personally witness a project’s implementation. It is one of the strongest components of our organization’s accountability. Recently, our generous donors Harry Toufayan and his wife Suzanne visited the village of Zangakatun in Armenia. The visit was a wonderful occasion to officially introduce to the Toufayans the newly renovated irrigation system that was made possible in part thanks to their generous support. Rehabilitation of the existing system and construction of a new pipeline to irrigate 417 hectares was also partially funded by the Orange Foundation’s One Village program.

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[Economic Development]: Witnessing the Support that Changes Communities standard

Visits from our supporters are always excellent opportunities to witness progress in the field. This summer the FAR Armenia team welcomed loyal donors Hratch and Susanne Toufayan along with their son Greg, who is a member of FAR’s Board of Directors. They started their trip with a visit to Zangakatun in Ararat Province, where Hratch and Susanne were able to see the final improvements made to the town’s kindergarten. Thanks to their generous support, the kindergarten has been undergoing renovations since 2011 and now has a revamped interior, roof and an energy efficient structure, along with a new outdoor playground. Their visit turned into a real celebration for the village as it was a great chance for kindergarten kids, their ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Scholarship Students Find Real Joy in Helping Others standard

FAR’s scholarship students don’t necessarily wait to finish college before they offer a return on their investment. Instead, they use every chance they can to help their fellow community members. This year, for instance, a group of our Mathevosian, Jerair Nishanian, Gulamerian and Mardigian scholarship recipients joined the villagers of Yervandashat in the Armavir Region at the end of June for their apricot harvest. The crop yield was especially rich this year. Arkadiy Khachikyan, president of the Yervandashat Agricultural Association Consumers Cooperative, hosted students who spent 14 days there and worked in fields belonging to seven of the cooperative’s farmers. “We are very grateful to FAR and its students for this support. Their help was a great incentive for us. ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Mathevosian Scholars Continue on Path to Success standard

We are proud to announce the latest successes of our Mathevosian Scholarship Program recipients.  Of the 72 scholars for 2012-2013, 54 have achieved good or excellent academic results. During a recent meeting of FAR’s Education Programs Coordinating Council, three of the undergraduate students were awarded grants of 80,000 AMD each, and all students with excellent results received certificates of achievement from FAR. This year’s Mathevosian scholars come from all regions of Armenia and they study at various institutions around the country, the majority of whom are at Yerevan State University. Twenty seven are at the State University of Economics; 12 at Armenian State Engineering University and two study at the State Agrarian University of Armenia. Fifty-three are pursuing their master’s degrees ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Apricot Feast Day standard

While Americans were celebrating Independence on the Fourth of July, FAR scholarship students spent the day celebrating a uniquely Armenian treasure: apricots! The day began in anticipation of good weather. The group was full of energy when they arrived in the picturesque village of Yervandashat, which is a true historical landmark. The clouds were refusing to give way to the sun, so the students began sorting some collected fruit, in hopes that the weather would improve and allow further work to take place. The President of the Yervandashat Agricultural Association Consumers Cooperative, Arkadi Khachikyan had planned the day of joint efforts for this year’s harvest. He was caught unaware by a surplus of fruit and contacted the FAR Yerevan office ...

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[Armenian Life]: The Land of Sweetness standard

When the day is foggy, one can hardly see Yervandashat from the surrounding slopes. This spectacular village borders with Turkey at the middle west of Armenia. Before archaeological excavations may reveal more stunning facts about the Yervanduni dynasty, the village of Yervandashat can “only” boast of its neatly lined trees that in harvest times are loaded with sweet fruit that branches can hardly hold off the ground. 80% of Yervandashat residents are in the business of dried fruit, of which they produce around 60-70 tons every season. The dried fruits include apricots, peaches, pears and three different sorts of plums. Over the past years, USDA and UMCOR enhanced the creation of a local agribusiness network in Yervandashat. “We registered in ...

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