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Anyone hoping to experience Armenia in a dynamic setting with eye-opening experiences is welcome to join our Young Professionals Trips to Armenia and Eastern Turkey.

As of July 2011, FAR has completed 17 successful two-week excursions to Armenia and since last year the trip also includes a tour of Eastern Turkey. The trips are beautifully organized, full of discovery and adventure, and generally just lots of fun! Yet, sometimes once is not always enough. As a Young Professional, you might have a different, more focused vision of how to experience Armenia the second time around. Taking this into account FAR is starting to organize specialized trips that would allow alumni to see the country in a different way. These might include photography trips or hiking trips or trips to Diaspora communities around the world. New participants should likely start with the traditional Young Professionals Trip but would be welcome to join a specialized trip if they so desired. We are in the process of coming up with ideas and would like everyone’s input – how would you like to see Armenia the second time around?

Send us an e-mail, visit our blog, write on our Facebook wall and follow ArmeniaTraveler on Twitter.

FAR Young Professionals Trips page on Facebook


While this Facebook page is not exclusive to FAR trip alumni, those who have returned from the experience automatically become a part of the FAR Young Professionals Group (YPG). The FAR YPG will host events throughout the year both as social gatherings to keep in touch with one another and to relive memories but also to invite new participants who would like to take part in FAR’s activities and potentially join a trip. FAR encourages alumni to invite friends to all these events and to stay in contact with fellow travelers.

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